Vehicle cleaning systems

Our highly efficient system solutions for the economical interior and exterior cleaning of cars and commercial vehicles deliver reliable and high-performance cleaning results. The portfolio includes gantry car washes, commercial vehicle washes, and self-service wash systems, self-service vacuum cleaners and forecourt units, start systems, digital solutions, water reclamation systems, and cleaning agents. Tailored to provide a vehicle wash that perfectly suits your requirements.

Kärcher  Gantry car washes

Gantry car washes

Satisfied customers are your success. Our gantry car washes facilitate economic cleaning, ensure efficient throughput rates and achieve an optimal result – for you and your customers.

Kärcher  Commercial vehicle washes

Commercial vehicle washes

When cleaning commercial vehicles, you need systems that can meet any challenge. Whether truck, bus or municipal vehicle. With our commercial vehicle wash systems, you experience professional efficiency each and every day.

Kärcher  Self-service wash systems

Self-service wash systems

A genuine (cleaning) experience: Our self-service wash systems leave nothing to be desired. Smart system solutions for your success. So that you sparkle with your customers.

Kärcher  Self-service vacuum cleaners and forecourt units

Self-service vacuum cleaners and forecourt units

With our self-service vacuum cleaners and forecourt units, you automatically increase the attractiveness of your site. And secure attractive additional income.

Ignition systems

Start systems

Our start systems combine customization and convenience. The perfect solution for every site, guaranteeing simple and intuitive operation.

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Digital solutions

Digital solutions

With our digital solutions, you can effortlessly manage and optimize your car wash systems anytime and anywhere.

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Water reclamation systems

Clean vehicle wash with a pure conscience. By using our water reclamation systems, you are investing in economic sustainability. Our systems ensure responsible management of fresh water and cleaning agents.

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CWB 3 KleanStar

Cleaning agents

Our cutting-edge cleaning agents guarantee outstanding results. By using them, you not only save costs but also preserve precious resources.

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Our vehicle cleaning solutions - tailored to your specific requirements

They are suitable for various customer groups with diverse requirements. Cleanliness not only creates a positive impression but also ensures safety and preserves value. At our company, we firmly believe that where there's a will, there's a way. We provide a suitable solution for every need, individually tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our gantry car washes and self-service wash systems offer an ideal and cost-effective cleaning solution. They are perfectly suited for use in car wash centers, petrol stations, car dealerships, workshops, and car rental agencies. On the other hand, commercial vehicle wash systems ensure a sparkling fleet for logistics companies, bus operators, or municipalities.

A reliable partner for your success

With our decades of experience in the field of vehicle cleaning, we have a deep understanding of what truly matters - and what will continue to matter in the future. This allows you and your customers to enjoy the following benefits:

SB car wash


With us, you have an experienced partner by your side, guiding you to success with decades of expertise and knowledge. As a strong company and a successful manufacturer of vehicle cleaning systems, we are here to support you in finding the perfect cleaning solution. With our brand's outstanding reputation, we help you increase your revenue and work together to achieve your objectives. Your success is our mission.

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Our proven quality is the key to your success. The advanced technology in our products has proven to be reliable. When you see the Kärcher name, you can trust that it embodies Kärcher's unwavering commitment to quality. Our quality seal lives up to its promises. The same applies to our vehicle cleaning systems and their respective accessories. It's time to create your success story: With our systems, you will always be perfectly equipped.

SB wash center


We help you succeed – right from the start. Kärcher supports you from the first minute in choosing the right vehicle cleaning system until implementation. As a comprehensive provider of our complete cleaning solutions, we accompany you from the initial site analysis to successful marketing and final installation. Even after commissioning, you can rely on our first-class service.



Clean vehicle wash, impeccable service. We guarantee you the highest quality throughout the product's lifespan. In addition, we provide the appropriate service. Our Kärcher service and factory-trained service partners ensure the flawless operation of your installed system in the long run. If something does not work as expected, we support you with the right solution and are there for you.

financial solution


We polish your finances to perfection. At our company, you will receive standardized and customized financing solutions tailored to your needs and requirements.

Car wash


A clean vehicle represents a good feeling - and a clear conscience. However, in vehicle cleaning, it is about much more than excellent cleaning results. It is about sustainable and responsible operation of our systems, thereby taking responsibility for operators and customers. The goal: a resource-efficient approach to water, energy, and cleaning agents.

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