The Kärcher steam cleaners ensure cleanliness throughout the home and your family can be sure of a deep clean – completely without chemicals. Thanks to the top cleaning performance, the steam removes up to 99.999%* of all enveloped viruses, as well as 99.99%** of all typical household bacteria, and ensures a hygienic and healthy living environment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, on floors or even for the ironing, Kärcher really goes full steam and delivers top results. Discover the full range of possible applications now!
Please note that different country versions are available for most products: 120 V / 60 Hz or 220-240 V / 50 Hz.

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Using steam to combat viruses* and bacteria**

A simple and effective method to combat bacteria and enveloped viruses: steam. The powerful steam output, the high steam temperature, powerful nozzles and heated cleaning cloths ensure that Kärcher steam cleaners can eliminate up to 99.999%* of enveloped viruses, such as influenza viruses, as well as 99.99%** of typical household bacteria on hard surfaces, fixtures and fittings, tiles, mirrors, and more besides.

  • A hygienic deep clean using steam – without any chemicals, just tap water
  • Eliminates up to 99.999%* of enveloped viruses and 99.99%** of typical household bacteria on smooth hard surfaces
  • Higher cleaning performance than conventional manual cleaning methods with detergents
  • High steam temperature, powerful steam generation

Bedbug Elimination

Maximum effectiveness: Tackle bedbugs with Kärcher steam cleaners

Bedbugs tend to linger near the bed and nestle in crevices, cracks, gaps and behind skirting boards or headboards. The eggs there can be easily reached and killed with hot steam. It is important that the nozzle is guided slowly over the area at a distance of maximum five centimetres. The steam then has enough time to heat the surface and penetrate into the layers. Working from top to bottom: Curtains or blinds are steamed first, then the lower-lying objects such as bed frames or skirting boards. Only the surface of upholstered furniture and mattresses should be treated if required so that any residual moisture can also dry again fully. Treatment with the steam cleaner should be avoided on heat-sensitive materials.

The choice is yours

SC 5 EasyFix

Even removes stubborn dirt thanks to the innovative VapoHydro function (hot water activation). The multi-stage steam flow control also allows selection of the optimal setting for the respective surface and the degree of contamination.

Also available as "Iron" version incl. steam pressure iron.

Woman ironing using a Kärcher steam cleaner SC 5 EasyFix with steam pressure iron

SC 4 EasyFix

With detachable tank for simple refilling and floor nozzle EasyFix for maximum cleaning performance and simple, contactless cloth changing.

Also available as "Iron" version incl. steam pressure iron.

Woman cleaning door using Kärcher steam cleaner SC 4

SC 4 Deluxe

The SC 4 Deluxe, with LED illuminated ring and perfect accessory storage, cleans comfortably and without any interruptions thanks to the permanently refillable and detachable water tank.

SC 4 Deluxe EasyFix

SC 3 EasyFix

With a heat-up time of only 30 seconds, it is immediately ready for use and can be continuously refilled. The innovative descaling system saves on manual descaling.

Person cleaning wooden floor with SC 3 EasyFix

SC 3 Upright

With 3-level steam flow control for different floor coverings and carpet gliders for refreshing carpets. The premium steam mop has a removable water tank´that can be refilled at any time for non-stop cleaning. Descaling technology removes the need for additional descaling.

Person cleaning kirchen floor with SC 3 Upright EasyFix

SC 3 Deluxe

Heats up in just 30 seconds: The SC 3 Deluxe, with LED illuminated ring and perfect accessory storage, cleans without any interruptions thanks to the permanently refillable water tank.

SC 3 Deluxe EasyFix

SC 2 EasyFix

The perfect entry-level solution to the world of steam cleaning - with all the essential functions. The multi-functional accessories can be stored directly on the device.

Person cleaning table with Kärcher SC 2 EasyFix

SC 2 Upright

The 2-level steam flow control can be used to clean both hard floors and sealed wooden floors. Fill the tank with tap water and 30 seconds later, it's ready to go. The descaling technology, incorporating the replaceable descaling cartridge, keeps maintenance simple by removing the need for additional descaling.

SC 2 Upright EasyFix cleaning the bathroom floor

SC 2 Deluxe

The compact SC 2 Deluxe with illuminated LED ring for displaying the operating mode. Ideal for all hard surfaces throughout the home.

Woman cleaning bathroom using Kärcher steam cleaner SC 2 Deluxe EasyFix

SC 1 EasyFix

Quick to hand and perfect for occasional use. Thanks to the compact size, it can be stored directly at the place of use (e.g. kitchen, bathroom). Despite the handy size, the SC 1 also removes up to 99.999% of coronaviruses*, as well as 99.99% of typical household bacteria.**

Person cleaning wall using Kärcher steam cleaner SC 1 EasyFix

SC 1 Upright

Small, narrow, lightweight and ready for action quickly. The entry-level steam mop heats up in just 30 seconds, and the fresh water tank can be removed at any time to be refilled. The device also features a descaling cartridge to ensure a long service life. Plus, parking and putting down the steam cleaner couldn't be easier: it simply remains upright on its own.

Steam Cleaner SC 1 Upright

The better mop***

The floor can be a real stomping ground. Not only for crawling babies, playing children and pets, but unfortunately for bacteria, viruses and dirt too. Steam cleaners are the perfect solution to combat these. On hard surfaces such as stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or sealed parquet, they reliably ensure hygiene and cleanliness without leaving behind chemical residues. The EasyFix floor nozzle slats make sure that the steam remains directly on the floor for a long time for maximum effect. The result: up to 99.999%* of enveloped viruses, as well as 99.99%** of typical household bacteria are eliminated. This makes Kärcher steam cleaners considerably more hygienic than conventional mops.*** Thanks to the carpet glider, carpets can also be given a new lease of life with the steam cleaner.


Full steam ahead when cleaning the house

Hygienic cleanliness in the kitchen with Kärcher steam cleaners

Kitchen cleaning

Whether it is fixtures and fittings, wall tiles, glass or plastic surfaces, the extraction hood, hob or sink: the steam cleaner leaves the kitchen hygienically clean – without huge physical effort and without chemical residues.

Person cleaning floor using Kärcher steam cleaner

Floor cleaning

When cleaning hard floor coverings such as stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or sealed parquet, the steam cleaner ensures maximum cleanliness and hygiene - without any chemical residues.

Person cleaning bathroom using Kärcher steam cleaner

Bathroom cleaning

Also when cleaning wall tiles, glass and mirror surfaces, windows, fixtures and fittings, shower cubicles, crevices and joints or cracks, the steam cleaners do a perfect job and ensure absolute hygienic cleanliness.

Woman ironing with steam cleaner with steam pressure iron

Steam ironing

The Kärcher SI 4 EasyFix Iron with high-quality steam pressure iron and ironing board saves up to 50% ironing time for 100% of ironing results and offers immediate shelf-dry laundry.

An all-rounder – thanks to the comprehensive accessories

The extensive array of accessories for the Kärcher steam cleaners ensures a wide range of possible applications throughout the home.

Woman ironing with Kärcher steam cleaner iron

Steam pressure iron

Cleaning the floor with Kärcher steam cleaner

Hand and floor nozzles

Person cleaning kitchen with steam cleaner

Cloth kits

Cleaning of water tap with with steam cleaner brush

Sets of brushes

Person cleaning bathroom with Kärcher steam cleaner

Steam hoses

Cleaning of door knob with Kärcher steam cleaner

Accessory kits

Window cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner


You can also find suitable accessories for your device with our accessories finder.

* When spot cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner, i.e. a steaming duration of 30 seconds at the maximum steam level, 99.999% of enveloped viruses, such as influenza (with the exception of the hepatitis B virus), are removed from smooth, hard household surfaces (test germs: Modified Vaccinia Ankara virus) upon direct contact with the surface to be cleaned.

** When cleaning at a cleaning speed of 30 cm/s and maximum steam pressure, 99.99% of all typical household bacteria on smooth, hard household surfaces are killed (test germs: Enterococcus hirae) upon direct contact with the surface to be cleaned.

*** Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner results in a better cleaning performance than cleaning manually with a mop and detergent. Tested according to international performance standards.