Whether you are cleaning the fireplace, vacuuming out the barbecue after a garden party or cleaning hard floors with the floor nozzle: ash and dry vacuum cleaners are versatile and impress with their superb convenience features. Please note that different country versions are available for most products: 120 V / 60 Hz or 220-240 V / 50 Hz.

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Long-lasting suction power for really big messes.


Never run out of steam

The ash vacs from Kärcher are extremely durable. Thanks to the integrated Kärcher ReBoost filter cleaning, the suction power can be increased again instantly at the touch of a button - practical, fast and without manual effort. Filter cleaning by hand is now a thing of the past - and you can continue vacuuming without any interruptions or contact with dirt until the entire job is completed.

Battery-powered ash and dry vacuum cleaners. No cable. No limit.

For everyone who doesn't feel like fetching a cable reel from the cellar in order to vacuum the barbecue: With battery-powered ash vacs, you can use Kärcher Battery Power instead of cables. Equipped with the same highlights as, for example, the Kärcher ReBoost filter cleaning function, they provide the same power with an extra portion of freedom.

To the battery-powered ash and dry vacuum cleaners


It doesn’t get any simpler or cleaner than this

The one-piece filter system, including metal coarse dirt filter and flame-resistant flat pleated filter, can be removed in one move without the ash and dust falling out.

Another practical feature: the ash can be emptied safely and comfortably thanks to the handle on the container. Hands and floors stay nice and clean!

Wonderfully clean: the integrated exhaust filter of the AD 4 Premium doesn’t let any dirt out and even filters tiny dust and dirt particles.

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