Floor Cleaner

Do you simply want an easier and quicker way to clean your floor? Or tocomplete the entire floor cleaning in one process, ideally without vacuuming beforehand? Using a corded device,or would you prefer to go cordless with a powerful battery and maximum freedom of movement? We have a powerful solution for every task – and the choice is yours. For wiping only, the best choice is our slimline and manoeuvrable FC 3 Cordless. To pick up dust and smaller crumbs we recommend the FC 5 models, and anyone who wants to avoid vacuuming beforehand can choose the FC 7 Cordless, which easily removes even coarse dirt in one step.

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The FC 7 Cordless – our highlight

The FC 7 Cordless casually brushes off the old rule "vacuum first, then wipe" just like it does all types of everyday wet and dry dirt. Its 2 counter-rotating roller pairs get straight down to business and restore the shine to your floor in half the time. Simply press the button on the handle to adapt the water flow and roller speed to the floor or use the Boost mode to eliminate stubborn stains. This means that anyone really can do two things at once, and without getting their hands dirty!

Main features of the FC 7 Cordless

20% better cleaning results than with a mop*

Your floor is your stage. With our FC 7 Cordless you can make your floor shine – and do so around 20 per cent more thoroughly and powerfully than you could with any mop*. Instead of wiping dirt back and forth, the cleaning rollers with self-cleaning function simply pick it up and transport the dirty water to a separate tank. There is very little residual moisture left on the floor, meaning the show can go on after just 2 minutes!

Woman cleans coarse dirt on the floor using the FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner

50% faster cleaning thanks to the 4-roller drive technology**

You can achieve perfect results with the FC 7 Cordless. It wipes and picks up all types of everyday dirt in one step and also works in corners and along edges. Hairs are also easily picked up with the integrated hair combs.

Woman wipes the floor using the FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner

3 cleaning levels for different types of floors and dirt

The roller rotation and water flow can be adapted depending on the type of dirt and floor (e.g. level 1 for wooden floors, level 2 for stone floors). Boost mode can tackle stubborn stains.

Cleaning levels for the FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner

Bring back the WOW to your stage

The floor is hard; the cleaning doesn't have to be! It's much easier to clean using one of our floor cleaners. The floor cleaners range from the comfortable all-in-one device through to the battery-powered lightweight model.

FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner removes all types of dry and wet daily dirt


Removes all types of everyday wet and drydirt

Wiping + dust intake + coarse dirt pick-up

Battery run time of approx. 45 minutes

Approx. 135 m² per battery charge

Suitable for all hard floors + 2 cleaning levels + Boost mode

Perfect corner and edge cleaning

Includes 4 rollers + 1 universal floor cleaner

4-roller drive engineering

20% better cleaning performance than a traditional mop*

Rollers are suitable for machine washing at 60 °C

Can manoeuvre under furniture

Simple device cleaning

Standalone function


FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner removes dust and spillages


Removes dust and spillages

Wiping + dust intake

Battery run time of approx. 20 minutes

Approx. 60 m² per battery charge

Suitable for all hard floors

Perfect corner and edge cleaning

Includes 2 rollers + 1 universal floor cleaner

Dust stripper edge

20% better cleaning performance than a traditional mop*

Rollers are suitable for machine washing at 60 °C

Electric floor cleaner range properties and advantages

Floor cleaning with the floor cleaners from Kärcher

20% better cleaning performance*

The automatic rollers effortlessly glide the floor cleaner across the floor and are able to generate numerous wiping movements in a single pass. This means you achieve a more hygienic and effective result than a traditional mop.

Man cleans floor with floor cleaners from Kärcher

Effortless floor cleaning

No more scrubbing by hand. No more tedious wringing out the floor cleaning cloths since the dirt is permanently removed from the rollers by the self-cleaning function. No more dragging a bucket around thanks to the separately integrated and easily detachable fresh water tank and dirty water tank.

Floor cleaners from Kärcher are suitable for all hard floors

Suitable for all hard floors

Low residual moisture means it is suitable for all hard floors (stone, tiles, parquet, laminate, vinyl). The floors can be walked on again in no time at all. Perfect floor care when combined with Kärcher detergents and care agents.

Edge cleaning with the floor cleaners

Perfect edge cleaning

The central roller drive ensures excellent cleaning results in corners and along edges.

Person washes rollers of the floor cleaner

Washable rollers

Mounting and removing the microfibre rollers is quick and easy. The rollers are also machine washable at up to 60°C.

Filling the water tank of the Kärcher floor cleaner

Up to 90% water savings***

Compared to cleaning with a traditional mop and bucket.***

Detergents and accessories

With the range of accessories available for Kärcher floor cleaners, cleaning and care can be perfectly matched to your floor. The standard detergent, for example, is suitable for any hard floor, while special detergents for wood and stone additionally care for and protect these types of flooring.

Floor Polisher FP 303

Now polishing is really simple: with many new functions, the FP 303 allows you to achieve optimal polishing results on a wide variety of floor coverings, such as parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum. The floor polisher is simple to use and features an ergonomic handle for convenient cleaning. Any polishing dust residue is easily vacuumed away and the power cord can be conveniently stored directly on the handle.

Dreieckiger Polierkopf

Triangular polishing head

Thanks to the optimised geometry of the polishing head, even corners can be easily polished and never missed.

AnAus ohne Bücken

Switch on/off without bending over

The FP 303 is turned on and off simply by pivoting the handle (once it has been unlocked) using the foot-operated lever. This saves the user from having to bend down to switch the machine on and off.

Praktisch verstaut

Practical storage

The high-quality textile bag containing the vacuum filter bag is attached to the handle. The polishing pads can also be compactly stored in a separate compartment.

Leicht zu transportieren

Easy to transport

With the smooth-running wheels the FP 303 is fully mobile can be easily transported between cleaning tasks.

* The Kärcher floor cleaner achieves up to 20% better cleaning performance than a traditional mop with floor cloth cover in the "Wiping" test category. Refers to average test results for cleaning efficiency, dirt pick-up and edge cleaning.

**  The FC 7 Cordless allows you to achieve a time saving of up to 50% since common household dirt can be removed from hard floors in a single step, removing the need to vacuum before wiping.

*** When cleaning a floor area of 60 m², the FC 7 Cordless (consumption: 0.4 l) uses up to 90% less water compared to a traditional mop and bucket filled with 5 litres of water (consumption: 5.0 l).