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Remember that feeling when your car was brand new and your driveway freshly paved? When your garden furniture first saw the light of day and your garden walls were moss-free? These were real WOW moments. But dust, dirt and unwanted growth are no match for you and your Kärcher pressure washers. So the WOW never goes away... You just need to bring it back! You and your Kärcher – a fun, powerful way to combat dirt! Turn those dirty jobs into a real pleasure. Bring back the WOW. Whether you require gentle care or powerful cleaning – Kärcher pressure washers offer the perfect solution for every cleaning task.

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Which is the right one for you?

Five powerful types. Product ranges.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, our pressure washers can always be relied upon. But that's not all they can offer. An exceptionally compact design? Or a lightweight, comfortable, portable and cordless design? Every product range has its own strengths. Perfectly tuned for individual requirements.

Kärcher Home & Garden app

Smart Control

These pressure washers can handle any job. With integration of the Home & Garden app, Bluetooth and clever equipment details, such as the Smart Control trigger gun and the 3-in-1 multi-jet spray lance.

Power Control trigger gun

Power Control

Gentle and effective cleaning has never been easier with a good dose of power, the support given by the Home & Garden app and strong devices, such as the Power Control trigger gun with display or the Vario Power spray lance.

Standard Range


Everything you need for effective cleaning: simple operation, enough power for a variety of cleaning tasks and clever storage options for the included accessories.

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Kärcher K 7 Compact


Users who like things compact and portable will find their perfect helper here. Minimal space requirements, easy to store and always quick to get to work. With clever, integrated hose storage.

Kärcher K 2 battery-operated high-pressure cleaner


For locations with no access to a power outlet. Cordless, convenient, mobile and flexible. And boasting quite a bit of power when you need it.



The first pressure washers with app control

This is premium class! The Kärcher Smart Control devices are the first pressure washers with app control. Whatever you need to clean, the smart application consultant shows the correct setting and sends it directly from your smartphone to the Kärcher product. Always the right pressure, always the right accessories, for optimal cleaning results.

The industry standard

Kärcher is high pressure cleaning. We are particularly proud of our Smart Control pressure washers. From the smart app connection and control, to the trigger gun and the 3-in-1 multi-jet spray lance in the devices, our many years of experience go into developing these pressure washers. 

The Smart Control range includes the K 5 and K 7 class devices.


Application Consultant

Application consultant

The application consultant in the app gives practical tips and tricks for many cleaning situations and cleaning objects, such as the optimal pressure level for the object to be cleaned, and sends the correct setting to the device.

Boost mode

Boost mode

The Smart Control devices have a Boost mode for extra power. Greater pressure is applied for 30 seconds, meaning that even more stubborn dirt is no longer a problem. Boost mode can be activated via the trigger gun or the app.

Equipment details

Everything you need

With clever equipment details such as the Smart Control trigger gun, the 3-in-1 multi jet spray lance and the Plug ’n’ Clean detergent system, you welcome any new cleaning challenge and face it calmly.

Power Control

This is what modern high-pressure cleaning looks like

When cleaning, you need the right technology. And the devices in the Power Control range offer plenty of it. Full power, smart tips and strong accessories. Like the Power Control trigger gun, for example, which shows you the set pressure directly on the display and can easily change from pressure mode to detergent mode by turning the spray lance. Or the Home & Garden app that shows you which technology will make your pressure washer even gentler and more efficient.

Water – powered by Kärcher

The Power Control pressure washers offer an impressive package of features. An extendible telescopic handle makes it easy and convenient to transport and store the devices. Depending on the model, the pressure washers have different solutions for adding detergent, including a tank or Plug 'n' Clean system. From K 3 onwards, the set pressure can be read on the trigger gun. This makes gentle, effective cleaning easier than ever.

The Power Control range includes the K 2, K 3, K 4 and K 5 class devices.



The new standard

The pressure washers in our Standard range are as functional and focused on the essentials as their clean lines suggest. The range includes devices to meet all requirements, from lightweight and compact for those new to high pressure cleaning, to high-power models with water-cooled motors for demanding cleaning tasks. Which means everyone can experience the WOW factor.

Everything you need

Everything you need for effective cleaning: simple operation, enough power for a variety of cleaning tasks and clever storage options for the included accessories.

The Standard range includes the K 2, K 3, K 4, K 5 and K 7 class devices.



Kärcher Classic pressure washer

Simply powerful

Our Classic pressure washer is proof that you do not need to be big to achieve big things. Quite simply, these models do what they're supposed to do – clean incredibly well. To make sure they do just that, they are designed so cleverly and compactly that they can be transported to anywhere you might need them while being stored in a very space-saving manner – whether in the boot of the car or, after the work is done, on a shelf in the cellar. And they are also incredibly easy to use. In short, the perfect pressure washers for anyone who simply wants to clean with high pressure.

No compromises

You get a clean patio or a sparkling car in no time, thanks to Kärcher's trademark power and precision. Our Classic pressure washers are easy to transport and store, and great at cleaning..

The Classic range includes the K 2, K 3, K 4 and K 5 class devices.



Far away from the power outlet. Right up close to the dirt.

Shine even without electricity: The battery-powered pressure washer for many different application areas such as small cars, motorbikes, bicycles, boats and other small cleaning tasks around the home. Thanks to a battery running time of up to 14 minutes, you can clean completely independently of a power connection. As you clean, the high-pressure gun's analogue display will always show you the selected mode.

High-pressure cleaning unplugged

No power connection available? No problem! The K 2 battery pressure washers from the 36 V Kärcher Battery Power platform bring flexibility to cleaning tasks. Be it garden furniture, rubbish bins, small cars or even boats – the battery-powered device is the ideal tool for any smaller scale cleaning task around the house.


Mobile cleaning: Anywhere. Anytime.

Need a little more mobility? With the practical Kärcher low- and medium-pressure washers, you can remove the dirt on site instead of taking it home with you. With a battery and water tank or suction hose, our solutions are completely independent of water and power connections.

Mobile Outdoor Cleaner
Handheld Cleaner

The Home & Garden App

What good is power if it is not smart? None at all! This is why the Smart Control range's devices are not just really powerful, but also come with a huge amount of Kärcher expertise. Via Bluetooth you can easily connect your Smart Control pressure washer with your smartphone using the Home & Garden app. And with tips from our experts, you can bring back the WOW to things you rarely clean or are cleaning for the first time – just like an expert.


Accessories and detergents

It all comes down to the comprehensive package! With the right combination of device, accessories and detergents, even stubborn dirt no longer stands a chance. Having the right system accessories significantly increases the number of applications that are possible and make cleaning even more effective, time-saving and convenient.

Pressure washer accessories

Kärcher offers a very wide range of accessories and detergents. This means we can solve all your cleaning problems, no matter how specific. Our accessories can be easily connected to any pressure washer thanks to the simple bayonet system.

Pressure washer detergents

Kärcher's new-generation detergents feature an impressive and unique 3-in-1 mechanism of action. In addition to perfect cleaning power, the new all-rounder detergents also offer gentle care and reliable protection – saving users a lot of time and effort. In addition, Kärcher is focusing even more on sustainability through the use of renewable and natural raw materials. There's also the smart bottle concept. Whether for docking (Plug ’n’ Clean), filling the detergent tank or as a container for suction via a detergent suction hose, the new detergents are compatible with all Kärcher pressure washers.

In our detergent finder, you will find more detergents for your Kärcher pressure washer.

Detergents for Kärcher high-pressure cleaners

The eco!Booster: Go Big on Cleaning Save big on Water


It might just be our biggest WOW ever: the ultra-efficient Kärcher eco!Booster. With a 50 percent higher cleaning performance, it brings back the WOW to delicate surfaces even more quickly and effortlessly than a conventional flat jet nozzle. What is particularly amazing is that it offers 50 percent higher water and energy efficiency, saving valuable resources. For heavily ingrained dirt, you can remove the attachment in order to spot-clean individual areas.

Every drop counts

It is clear that using a Kärcher pressure washer to restore the WOW factor to your favourite items involves much less effort and is quicker than using a garden hose. What many people don't actually know is that you save up to 80%* valuable drinking water too. The cleaning is even more economical with the optional suction hose, which can be used to draw the water from the water butt or other alternative water sources.

* The pressure washer consumes 80% less water for the cleaning task assuming that the flow volume of the high-pressure cleaner is 40% of a garden hose and half the time is required. The values may vary depending on application, range and water flow of the hose.

Home of WOW

Advantages of Kärcher pressure washers

For over 70 years, Kärcher has been perfecting the art of high pressure cleaning and offering customers a next-level cleaning experience thanks to its continuous innovation. There is a multitude of reasons for using a Kärcher pressure washer – join us in the Home of WOW.

Technology that gets you ahead

Outstanding performance achieves time, water and energy savings of up to 50%

Quality you can see and feel

Reliable brand quality, fully tested for proper functioning and performance

Experience that creates trust

Pioneer and market leader in the cleaning industry

Sustainability that helps people and the environment

We support a circular economy and reduce pollutants along the entire value-added chain

Products as varied as the different areas of your life

The right device for every requirement, the right accessory for every application

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Home of WOW

Application areas of pressure washers

Pressure washers are highly versatile helpers around the house, and very easy to use. Simply connect the device to the water pipe and socket, turn on the tap and the pressure washer and let the cleaning fun begin! By adding the right special accessories, our devices can become true all-rounders, whether for wet stream, pipe, patio or gutter cleaning – the possibilities are almost endless. Typical applications around the house and garden include:

  • Bicycles
  • Gardening equipment and tools
  • Garden, patio or balcony furniture
  • Fences and small garden paths or paving stones
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • Small cars
  • Outside steps and large garden paths
  • Medium-sized and estate cars
  • Garden and stone walls
  • Mobile homes and sport utility vehicles
  • Swimming pools and large patio areas
  • All around the house and façades

Know-how: tips for cleaning outside areas

We've chosen some practical examples to show you how to achieve the best results with your pressure washer. Our know-how section includes detailed tips and information on cleaning and maintaining outdoor areas.

Kärcher know-how
Kärcher dirt blaster

Mossy pavement slabs and paving stones

Because moss sits not only in thick layers on the surface of the slab, but also in the pores of the stone slabs and paving stones, the dirt blaster is ideal for removing it. It generates a rotation jet in which the cleaning power of a concentrated point jet is combined with the area performance of a flat jet.

Kärcher special accessories and detergents


Windscreen, paintwork, wheel rims... Vehicles have several surfaces for which a pressure washer is ideally suited. Regular cleaning not only helps to keep the vehicle looking clean, but also to maintain its value.

T-Racer surface cleaner

Wooden patios

Wooden patios offer a warm and cosy outside area for your home. Organic growth and weathering can spoil this effect. Using surface cleaners and the right detergents ensures that high-pressure washers keep wooden surfaces clean and durable over time.

Vario Power and multi power jet spray lance

Patio tiles

Say goodbye to scrubbing! Dirt and weathering can be removed extremely quickly and efficiently from stone patio tiles using a Kärcher pressure washer. Our T-Racer and power scrubber surface cleaners are ideal for this application.

High-pressure cleaner accessories

Garden furniture

Tackle unsightly stains on garden furniture caused by pollution or from last winter with the appropriate pressure washer accessories. For heavy dirt, we recommend using the Kärcher wash brush together with Kärcher detergent.

Kärcher wash brush

Glass surfaces and conservatories

With the right detergent and accessories, such as the telescopic spray lance, it's never been easier to clean glass surfaces. Remove everything from pollen to weather pollution, giving you a clear view in no time.