Streak-free. Fast. Multifunctional. The cordless window cleaner ensures streak-free cleanliness – and without any dripping dirty water. The window cleaner cleans not only windows quickly and efficiently, but all smooth surfaces such as hobs, mirrors, doors and tiles. Please note that different country versions are available for most products: 120 V / 60 Hz or 220-240 V / 50 Hz.

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Bring back the WOW. On all smooth surfaces.

Cordless window cleaners

Streak-free cleanliness. Three times faster. Not only for windows.

Save yourself time and effort with the Kärcher cordless window vac. The suction function of the window vac ensures extremely effective cleaning and gleaming windows – without streaks and residues. In addition, the handy and ergonomic Kärcher cordless window vac makes very hygienic window cleaning possible as there is no direct contact with the dirty water. The window cleaner is suitable for all smooth areas such as mirrors, hobs, doors, tiles and tables.

Clean windows 3 times faster

Three times faster

Cleaning windows is three times faster with a Kärcher window vac than by hand.

Clean windows streak-free

No streaks

Streak-free cleanliness thanks to high-quality squeegee and innovative suction function.

Clean windows without any dripping dirty water

No drips

The window vacs vacuum the water from the glass pane quickly and reliably – without any dripping dirty water.

Original Kärcher cordless window cleaner

The original

Original Kärcher quality from the inventor of the cordless window cleaner.

Kärcher cordless window vac for all smooth surfaces

A multifunctional all-rounder: Apart from windows, the cordless window vac from Kärcher cleans almost all smooth surfaces such as windscreens, mirrors, shower cabins, hobs, glass tables and worktops.

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows

Cleaning windows has never been easier. Use our cordless window vac for streak-free results in seconds.

Cleaning shower cabins

Cleaning shower cabins

Suction shower cabins and tiled walls in showers and baths quickly and effortlessly.

Vacuuming liquids

Vacuuming liquids

Use the Kärcher window vacs to vacuum small amounts of spilled liquids from surfaces.

Absorbing condensation

Absorbing condensation

With the cordless window vacs from Kärcher you quickly absorb excess moisture from glass panes.

Simple pre-cleaning

Preparation is key: For an optimal cleaning result the glass pane or surface must be pre-cleaned and wetted. Only then is the WV window vac used and the dirty water can be suctioned. There are 3 options available for optimal pre-cleaning: the Standard spray bottle, the Extra spray bottle and the KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper.

Sprühflasche WV 2

Standard spray bottle

With microfibre wiping cloth. Makes wiping any smooth surface easier.

Sprühflasche WV 5 Extra

Extra spray bottle

With microfibre wiping cloth and adjustable wiper to vary the amount of water used – ideal for lattice windows too.

KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper

KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper

The electric variant for loosening dirt effortlessly. Thanks to the hook-and-loop system, the wiping cloth can be changed quickly and conveniently on all variants.

KV 4 cordless wiper removes stubborn dirt from smooth surfaces.

The KV 4 vibrating cordless wiper removes stubborn dirt with vibration.

Tackling dirt with power: Thanks to the integrated vibration function and automatic wetting, the KV 4 cordless wiper cleans all smooth surfaces in no time. Other advantages include the intuitive operation and the fast attachment of the wiping cloth by means of hook-and-loop fastener.

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Streak-free cleaning results in 3 steps with spray bottle and cordless window vac

Spray spray bottle onto glass pane.

1. Spray it

First, spray cleaning agent onto the glass pane.

Clean glass pane with the spray bottle attachment.

2. Clean

Then wipe the window.

Suction glass pane using Kärcher window vac.

3. Suction

Then suction the dirty water. Done.

Streak-free cleaning results in 2 steps with vibrating cordless wiper and window vac

The KV 4 impresses with its vibrating function and the automatic wetting with wiping cloth. Surfaces can be wiped without additional spraying and stubborn dirt can be removed.

Wet and clean window with cordless wiper.

1. Clean

First, wet and clean the window with the KV 4 cordless wiper.

Vacuum dirty water with cordless window vac.

2. Suction

Then, vacuum the dirty water using the cordless window vac. Done!

Wide selection: The cordless window vacs from Kärcher

Streak-free suction of windows with the WV 6 window vac.

WV 6 – The top performer. The window vac with long battery runtime and improved squeegee.

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Clean glass panes with the WV 2 window vac.

WV 2 – The all-rounder. The window vac with particularly lightweight design and comfortable application.

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Compatible accessories

The range of accessories is the perfect add-on and ensures even more comfortable, customised window cleaning thanks to sophisticated product ideas.

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