Battery tree lopper and pruning saw

Cut and saw branches effortlessly.

Cutting branches and twigs is now easier than ever before: With the Kärcher battery tree lopper and battery pruning saw, uncontrolled growth can be quickly tamed. These powerful tools are easy on the joints and require no application of force to create new space for bushes, shrubs and trees to grow and flourish. Whether rose bushes, overgrown shrubs or young trees, you are always ready for action, even when you are far away from a power outlet, thanks to the powerful Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable batteries.

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Person cutting branch with pruning saw

Battery pruning saw

The PGS 4-18 battery pruning saw from Kärcher is designed to cut branches of up to 80 millimetres in diameter. The detachable branch grip on the reciprocating saw makes it safe and easy to use and prevents the tool from slipping. The premium German-made saw blade can be replaced without the need for any tools. And with the telescopic extension available as an optional accessory for the reciprocating saw (not included in scope of supply), working at heights up to 3.5 metres has never been easier. All this makes the PGS 4-18 a multifunctional tool combining the features of garden tools and power tools such as a mitre saw, reciprocating saw and tree lopper in a single product.

Pruning saw features

Battery tree lopper

Cutting branches is now easier than ever before: The battery tree lopper and its high-quality bypass blade can be used to cut branches up to 3 cm in diameter without the need for force and without damaging them, no matter how difficult they are to reach. The bypass design features two sharp blades. One blade is rounded, which prevents branches and twigs from slipping. When the loppers are closed, the two blades overlap to produce a clean cut, making the tool suitable even for more delicate plants. The blades are made from non-rusting stainless steel and have a Teflon® coating to prevent plant sap from sticking to them. The branch hook below the blade is designed to free cut branches that are stuck in the tree.

Tree lopper features




Kärcher Battery Power battery platform

The TLO 18-32 Battery tree lopper and the PGS 4-18 battery pruning saw are both from the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power-battery platform. Discover the full range of different products and see what other products your 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery is compatible with.