KÄRCHER X TTS: The right equipment for every task.

Anyone who should clean hygienically and at the same time wants to work efficiently relies on a combination of machines and manual equipment. So that Kärcher customers do not have to compromise on high quality and ergonomics in any step, the market leader is starting a cooperative venture with the innovative company TTS. The KÄRCHER X TTS product range includes more than 300 products for manual cleaning.

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KÄRCHER X TTS: 2 strong brands, countless possibilities

Despite all the benefits that using Kärcher machines and detergents offers, there are still tasks that can only be completed by hand. In order to also complete these tasks hygienically and efficiently, cleaning trolleys, buckets, mops and waste containers from TTS Cleaning are therefore now part of the Kärcher portfolio. They have proven themselves time and again in building cleaning, hotel cleaning, as well as in practically all other areas of application. The innovative, ergonomic and sustainable cleaning tools from the Italian company are available wherever Kärcher items are also on sale. For example, in our B2B online shop.

Benefits & highlights

User-friendly innovations

Working with TTS cleaning tools highlights the fact that the product developers thought of every step and every movement and optimised many processes. In the self-image of TTS, each of the products must meet the following requirements:

  • Support a high hygiene standard
  • Save time and costs
  • Easy handling 
  • Be user-friendly, modular and customizable.

Ergonomic work

Building cleaning is often a race against the clock. Areas and furniture must be cleaned in the shortest time possible. In order to make this task as comfortable and fatigue-free as possible for cleaning staff, the cleaning tools from TTS Cleaning meet high ergonomic standards and integrate clever ideas to give users a head start.

Cleaning equipment from a single source

Cleaning companies now get the required complete product range from a single source no matter what task they face. Customers and users can obtain information about all KÄRCHER X TTS products and purchase them both via the Kärcher distribution channels and from the branches of TTS Cleaning.

Overview of the comprehensive KÄRCHER X TTS range

TTS Cleaning has been developing and producing diverse manual cleaning tools full of clever added value for more than 30 years in Italy. The most important product ranges are:

Systems for surface cleaning

Ergonomically designed products for the manual wet cleaning of surfaces. Characterised by top quality for superb dirt pick-up. Guarantees reliable cleanliness.

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Cleaning systems

The right equipment for the economical and effective wet cleaning of floors – particularly in areas that are difficult to access with machines.

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Systems for waste collection and separation

For everyone concerned with waste. Our high-quality rubbish bins in different sizes and designs are suitable for the reliable capture and disposal of all waste.

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Systems for laundry collection and transport

The hotel trolleys from Kärcher meet the specific requirements of the hotel sector thanks to the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. They offer sufficient space for towels, toilet rolls, bin liners, etc. The manoeuvrable castors make the trolley mobile and enable easy movement from room to room.

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STOP & GO: Signal systems

Safety is always paramount. Warnings increase mindfulness and warn against possible dangers and obstacles in good time.

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The use of hard-wearing materials that make cleaning more hygienic, easier and more sustainable is a tradition at TTS Cleaning. With the aim of protecting natural resources and saving energy, more and more cleaning implements feature an eco label, including buckets made from recycled plastic. TTS is also one of the first providers worldwide to offer a certified calculation of the CO2 emissions of the entire product life cycle.

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The FlexoMate cleaning trolley

Efficient, flexible and ergonomic: the FlexoMate, a cleaning trolley that redefines manual cleaning. It can also be adapted to your needs thanks to its modular system. Whether it's additional boxes or cleaning machines - with FlexoMate, it's all there. It can be configured to the task at hand and integrate up to 5 different cleaning machines. With the FlexoMate you enhance your productivity in manual cleaning tasks. The option to rent instead of buy is even more flexible.