Window cleaning

Top quality for professionals. The streak-free cleaning of glass requires an ergonomic design, safe connection parts and versatile components. For safe and economical work.

Kärcher  Scrapers and blades

Scrapers and blades

Clean and safe: Ergonomic window scrapers and blades in different versions enable the simple and safe removal of adhesive residues.

Kärcher  Washers


High-quality washer covers made from various textiles – perfect for the quick cleaning of glass and all types of smooth surfaces.

Kärcher  T-beams


Our high-quality ergonomically shaped T-bars are the ideal basis for using our sleeves.

Kärcher  Window wiper handles

Window wiper handles

Everything under control: With the help of our high-quality and ergonomic wiper handles the different wiper tracks always feel safe and stable in your hand.

Kärcher  Wiper tracks and replacement wiper rubbers

Wiper tracks and replacement wiper rubbers

For streak-free cleaning: professional tracks made from stainless steel with V-shaped cut-out and specially shaped vulcanised wiper rubbers: extremely elastic and long-lasting.

Kärcher  Brushes


Special wash brushes for gently cleaning different surfaces.

Kärcher  Belt and holster

Belt and holster

This makes everything accessible when working on a ladder or in tight spaces.

Kärcher  Bucket


Window buckets specially designed for use with washers and window wipers.

Kärcher  Chamois


Professional chamois for perfect and streak-free glass cleaning.

Kärcher  Window cleaning kit

Window cleaning kit

Perfect fit: specially compiled sets contain many useful products for the professional cleaning of glass, windows as well as solar panels and conservatories.

Kärcher  Telescopic handles and accessories

Telescopic handles and accessories

Safe working from the ground: our extremely stable telescopic lances with reliable fastening technology and special cone. Secure fastening of tool without twisting.