Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp

The battery powered HT 650/36 Bp hedge trimmer is highly ergonomic and sits perfectly in your hand, has a rotatable grip to be easy on the joints, and creates impressively precise, clean cuts.

The laser-cut, 2-sided, diamond-ground blade of our battery powered HT 650/36 Bp hedge trimmer is the handy, light, zero-emission machine for shaping and cutting back hedges and bushes. The dual cutting speed allows the device to easily adapt to the task at hand, while the integrated anti-lock braking system effectively prevents work interruptions and increases safety for the user. The rotatable grip allows you to cut the sides of the hedge without joint pain. An innovative carrying system, to be purchased separately, provides increased comfort and allows you to work for longer without tiring.

Features and benefits
Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp: Ergonomic, rotatable grip
Ergonomic, rotatable grip
Adjustable rear handle to comfortably cut hedge sides. Protects the joint and reduces fatigue symptoms.
Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp: Blade and control guard
Blade and control guard
Blade and grip guard prevent damage and increase safety. Prevents damage to the blade when working near obstructions.
Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp: Two cutting speeds
Two cutting speeds
Two cutting speeds for an optimum mowing results at all times.
Eyelet for carrying rack
  • Work in comfort, without tiring, thanks to the even weight distribution.
  • Does not limit the user's freedom of movement.
Two-sided, laser-cut, diamond-ground blade
  • Precise, perfect cuts.
  • Cuts even thick branches powerfully and effortlessly.
Brushless motor
  • Minimal maintenance effort and long lifetime.
  • Low heat generation and high efficiency.
Complete flexibility within the Kärcher 36 V platform
  • Battery can be quickly changed to other machines as needed.
  • Increases productivity and safety while working.
No emission of harmful substances and CO₂
  • Protects the environment and the health of the user.
Significantly lower vibration compared to petrol-powered machines
  • Effortless work over long periods.
  • Protects the user's health.
Up to 90% lower operating and maintenance costs compared to petrol-powered tools
  • Particularly economical, as there are no petrol costs.

Technical data

Battery platform 36 V battery platform
Cutting length (mm) 650
Tooth spacing (mm) 33
Speed regulation yes
Speeds 2
Blade type laser-cut, diamond-ground
Blade speed level 1: 2800 / level 2: 3200
Voltage (V) 36
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 80 (6,0 Ah) / max. 100 (7,5 Ah)
Weight without accessories (kg) 4,5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 6,4
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1130 x 270 x 230

Scope of supply

  • Variant: Battery and charger not included
  • Blade guard
  • Cut protection
  • Control guard
  • Handle: rotatable
  • Anti-blocking system
  • Hanging storage loop
  • Speeds: 2
Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp
Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp
Hedge trimmer HT 650/36 Bp
Application areas
  • For shaping and cutting back hedges, shrubs and bushes
  • Ideal for use in public areas, plots of land and gardens
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