Attachment kit stacked bumper roller squeegee

Additional, non-marking bumper rollers for assembly at the ends of the squeegee. Effectively prevent the squeegee from hooking onto pallets or shelf feet.

Specially developed attachment kit with additional bumper rollers for scrubber dryers, which are frequently used in difficult conditions, as is the case in narrow spaces on heavily furnished areas in supermarkets and for cleaning close to the edges of obstacles and walls, e.g., in production halls or warehouses. Raised shelves, pallets or even guide rails are typical examples, where there may be a risk of the squeegee hooking on or colliding. In order to minimise this risk, Kärcher recommends the use of these additional, non-marking bumper rollers. These standard bumper rollers are easily mounted to the ends of the squeegee. The height of the squeegee at its ends is increased to roughly 15 centimetres, which helps to avoid damage to the machine and inventory.

Features and benefits
For cleaning right up to the edge in tight spaces
  • Increases the service life of the squeegee and suction lips.
  • Protects the machine and other items, such as shelves, pallets and guide bumpers.

Technical data

Quantity per Unit (piece(s)) 1
Quantity 2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.6
Application areas
  • For cleaning applications in tight spaces
  • Ideal for use in supermarkets, shopping centres or storage areas