Know-how for Professionals

From agriculture to industry to building service contractors – as regards cleaning, each sector requires its own methods, machines and tools. Here you get tips and examples that should help you solve your individual cleaning task.

Cleaning concept for AIDA

No fear of big beasts

AIDA Cruises is Germany's leading provider of sea cruises. As part of a long-term partnership with Kärcher, a detailed and well-thought-out cleaning concept has been developed to take care of everything.

Commercial kitchen

Cleaning in the commercial kitchen

Wherever food is cooked, there will be stubborn stains. With the right equipment, commercial kitchens can be thoroughly and efficiently cleaned and disinfected.

Industrial floor cleaning with scrubber drier

Professional cleaning of industrial floors

Industrial floors require particular care and attention. Which cleaning method to use depends largely on the texture of the floor.

Scrubber drier

The success story of the scrubber machine

The start of floor-cleaning by machines dates back more than 100 years. The first floor polisher was developed at the start of the 20th Century to take the monotony out of tedious work.

facade cleaning

Efffective facades cleaning

If the exterior of a building is maintained this helps retain or increase its value. Various methods are available to clear dirt from facades. But the surface should be taken into consideration when applying the respective technology. This is essential for avoiding damage. An overview about techniques and regulations.

battery operated vacuum

Work more economically with battery-powered vacuum

Cleaning services should be provided as quickly, quietly and effectively as possible. How battery-powered vacuum cleaners can help here – an overview incl. cost-benefit calculation.

hotel cleaning

PDIR : Four essential cleaning functions

A regular and efficient cleaning routine is hugely important within the hotel and hospitality sector in particular. The PDIR cleaning process is a very good place to start.