Robot vacuums and mops

Our robot vacuums are round, flat and move quietly through living spaces. With determination and avoiding obstacles, the robots systematically follow their movement pattern. And the residents no longer have to worry about the tedious task of floor cleaning, because the robot vacuums from Kärcher take care of it. Hard floors and short-pile carpets are cleaned automatically. The vacuum cleaner, with its combined function, is particularly suitable for households that also have numerous carpets, as it can both vacuum and mop.

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Kärcher The fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner


Robot, cloud and app: three components, one cohesive system

The Kärcher robot vacuums and mops deliver a wide range of functions and configuration options – while also being really simple to use. The combination of robot, cloud and control via smartphone app forms the perfect basis for the best cleaning results. Use the timer functions and configure the cleaning programs to suit your individual needs. And if a security update or new functions are available for the robot, you'll be automatically notified by the app. Discover our autonomous cleaning solutions for your everyday chores and gain time for the finer things in life.

Wisch- und Saugroboter

The future is now: autonomous cleaning

Simply start our first-class robot vacuums and mops while you're out and about via the mobile app and return to a spotlessly clean home. Our robot series delivers outstanding performance and advanced technology. Using high-tech LiDAR laser navigation, our robots first create a floor plan of your home. Thanks to their precise sensors, they always know exactly where they are, how to manoeuvre around objects in the room and where to turn to avoid stairs during subsequent cleaning runs. Our RCV series does the vacuum cleaning and mopping and provides a comprehensive cleaning solution. Carpets are cleaned thoroughly in suction mode, while the robot skilfully avoids them in mopping mode. You can rely on the first-class cleaning performance and advanced functions of our robots to make your everyday life easier. Have your floors carefully vacuumed and mopped while you get on with other things.

RCV sensor

The choice is yours: tailor the cleaning level and choose from various cleaning methods

Kärcher robot vacuums and mops are real all-rounders. Whether it's simple dry cleaning with the suction fan and brush or a combination of dry cleaning and the extra wet wiping function with the microfibre cloth and fresh water tank – anything is possible. And, thanks to the convenient app control feature, everything is always in hand. Cleaning settings, such as the suction power or the water volume for mopping, can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Areas of heavier soiling can be passed over multiple times for a more thorough clean.

Wisch- und Saugroboter

RCV 3 – the entry-level model

Vacuuming or mopping – our entry-level model can do both

Win back time for the finer things in life, while our cleaning robots take care of the vacuuming and mopping. Our entry-level model, the RCV 3, cleans all the usual domestic hard floors and low-pile carpet coverings autonomously, systematically and completely reliably – even when you're not home, of course. Using the app, you can adjust the cleaning to suit your particular requirements and your home. You decide what gets cleaned when. Set specific cleaning programmes for each individual room. Define no-go zones, if there are certain areas the robotic vacuum cleaner should not enter. Or use the spot cleaning function to direct it to points that need extra attention. All rooms are mapped with precise LiDAR navigation and ultra-sensitive sensors that detect steps and large drops for safety during cleaning runs.

Technical data

  • Suction power: 2,500 Pa
  • Run time: 120 min
  • 2-in-1 waste container (330 ml) incl. fresh water tank (170 ml)
  • Dry waste container: 500 ml

Features of the RCV 3



RCV 5 – the smart one

As thorough as the RCV 3 – but with the addition of artificial intelligence

If you want to make sure that shoes and cables that are lying around don't become food for the robotic vacuum cleaner, use the RCV 5's artificial intelligence. Our top model offers you all-round carefree floor cleaning. As well as LiDAR navigation, this robotic vacuum cleaner and mop has a dual laser system and a camera to make sure it reliably detects and navigates every last obstacle. Its low operating noise also makes the RCV 5 a really considerate housemate. Hard floors can be vacuumed or mopped by this robotic cleaning assistant – depending on the program selected. For intensive carpet cleaning, there's also an Auto Boost function that delivers extra power to remove dust from textile fabrics. While in mopping mode, the robot will not travel over carpets. Controlling the RCV 5 is simple too, thanks to the app.

Technical data:

  • Suction power: 5,000 Pa
  • Run time: 120 min
  • Dry waste container: 330 ml
  • Fresh water tank: 240 ml

Features of the RCV 5



Autonomous cleaning – the Home Robots app makes it a reality

The Kärcher Home Robots app gives you access to all the important functions of your robot vacuum and mop. Autonomous cleaning offers lots of new features, such as setting cleaning times and creating cleaning maps – no matter where you are. If you're out and about and want to start a clean before you get home, you can! Simply activate the robot from the app on your smartphone and you can look forward to returning to a clean house. The Kärcher Home Robots app is available free of charge from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Simply download it and start your first autonomous clean straight away.

RCV privacy

Data protection

All data transfer between the Home Robots app on your smartphone and your robot vacuum and mop takes place via the cloud using servers located in Germany only. As a manufacturer based in Germany, Kärcher places great importance on data protection and takes extreme care to ensure all the applicable legal requirements in this regard are met. Regular software and security updates are provided to ensure your app is always up to date and your data is always secure.

RCV no go area

Setting up cleaning areas

Robot vacuums and mops from Kärcher clean autonomously and systematically. "No-go zones" can be set via the app to ensure the robot doesn't clean specific areas, or only vacuums them without mopping. And if you want the robot to skip entire rooms, you can set so-called "virtual walls" to prevent it from travelling through these rooms. All this is easy and intuitive to configure using the app.

RCV Under Furniture

Different cleaning modes

Our Home Robots app offers much more functionality than the basic program for autonomous cleaning. Vacuuming, mopping or a combination of both cleaning programs – with the app, you have it all at your fingertips, allowing you to easily define the cleaning mode for specific rooms or areas. You can also configure numerous parameters to your individual requirements – from the suction power when vacuuming to the water flow rate when mopping.

RCV cleaning plan

Cleaning schedule 2.0

With the timer function on the Home Robot app, you can create your very own cleaning schedule for your Kärcher robot vacuum and mop. This allows you to specify not only the days and times you want the robot to work, but also which areas it should clean with which cleaning program during this time. Since all rooms are mapped, you can adjust the cleaning settings for each separate room.

RCV spot cleaning

Spot cleaning and area cleaning

There are two flexible solutions for spontaneous minor spillages. For soiling at a very specific point, you can use the app to set a particular location for targeted spot cleaning. And for larger areas of soiling, you can even use the app to set the size of the surface to be cleaned for quick but targeted intermediate cleaning.


Activating and deactivating functions

Various functions can be individually activated or deactivated in the app: for example, AI functionalities on the RCV 5. On the RCV 5, the Auto Boost can be deactivated on rugs and carpets to keep cleaning at just a low suction power when soiling is only light. This saves energy and extends the cleaning time before the robot has to return to its charging station.

RCV accessories

Accessory statistics

The demands placed on a robot vacuum and mop varies from one household to the next, depending on factors such as the size of the area to be cleaned, the level of soiling and the frequency of the cleaning runs. As such, the rate at which accessories wear out varies. The Home Robots app shows you when individual accessories should be replaced, based on the optimum usage time for each accessory. This ensures that the robot is always perfectly equipped to perform at its best and the cleaning results leave nothing to be desired.

RCF charging

Cleaning history

Every cleaning run is recorded in real time in the Home Robots app and then saved. This provides interesting insights into the life of your cleaning robot. When was the device in which room, what distances did it cover and how many square metres of flooring were vacuumed or mopped? In this way you can keep a close eye on what your robot vacuum and mop has been up to – even when you're not at home.

RCV Funktionen

Other functions

The Home Robots app gives you access to all the important functions of your cleaning robot. This includes lots of extra functions that may prove useful in one situation or another. For instance, the app can be used as a remote control for your robot, say if you needed to steer it to a particularly tricky position. You can even use your smartphone to set the language and volume of the voice output or provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Initial startup and maintenance

RCV FAQs – questions and answers

Questions about the robotic vacuum cleaner:

All conventional hard floors and low-pile carpets. When using the robot on wooden floors, please remember to remove the mop plate from the robot after damp cleaning to prevent damage to the wood.

In general, light does not affect the robot's behaviour, though dark shadows may trigger object detection in the RCV 5.

Please make sure the charging station is plugged in. We recommend placing the charging station against a wall with 1.5 m clearance to the front and 0.5 m clearance to the left and right.

If the charging station is moved during cleaning, the robot may struggle to locate it once it has finished.

No. The maximum voltage carried by the charging contacts is within the safe voltage range for the human body.

Make sure the power outlet is supplied with power and fully in contact with the charging station's power supply. Please also check that the robot's charging contacts are touching those of the charging station. If the above methods do not resolve the issues, please contact our customer service.

Before the robot starts cleaning, it rotates on its axis twice to calibrate itself. This process is run by default. If the robot nevertheless moves in an uncoordinated manner, please check the following:

  • The fall sensor is covered with dust or dirt, which triggers an error signal. Clean the fall sensor with a slightly damp cotton cloth.
  • The wheel has something caught in it, causing the robot to move in circles. Remove the foreign object from the wheel.
  • The collision sensor is defective. Touch and press the collision sensors on the front and sides of the robot to check if the plate can spring back automatically.

If the above methods do not resolve the issues, please contact our customer service.

  • Please recharge the battery if you haven't used the robot for a while. Charge the robot in the charging station for 3-5 hours.
  • The battery's operating time decreases when it reaches the end of its service life.

If the above methods do not resolve the issues, please contact our customer service.

  • The battery is too low for the scheduled cleaning.
  • The scheduled cleaning time was not saved. Please check whether the cleaning task was saved or corresponds to your requirements.

If the above methods do not resolve the issue, please contact our customer service.

First check if the robot's fall sensor is covered with dust. If the issue persists after you have cleaned the sensor, there may be a fault with the sensor itself. Please contact our customer service.

  • Please check the battery level. If it is too low, charge the robot and try again.
  • The robot will not switch on if the ambient temperature is below 0°C or above 35°C.

Hold down the power button. The robot must not be in the charging station.

  • Make sure there is enough clearance around the charging station (0.5 m at either side and 1.5 at the front) and the charging contacts are free of dust and other foreign objects.
  • The ambient temperature may be too low (less than 0°C) or too high (more than 35°C).

Yes, you can start the robot by pressing the power button. Some of the features, however, can only be used with an active Wi-Fi connection, via the app.

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Press "Set up device" and select "Google Service"
  3. Find the "Skills"
  4. Log in to your account
  5. Select the device as instructed
  1. Open the Alexa app and press "More" to get to Skill & Games
  2. Find the "Skills"
  3. Click "Activate"
  4. Log in to your account
  5. Complete the connection to your account
  6. Click "Find devices" and select the device as instructed

RCV 3:
Press the home button for 5 seconds. Release the home button when you hear a beep, then press the home button for another 5 seconds. Once you hear a beep, the system has been reset. The user information and cleaning records are deleted, but the version and maintenance of the accessories remain unchanged.

RCV 5:
Hold down the reset button for 3 seconds. Once you hear a beep, the system has been reset. The user information and cleaning records are deleted, but the version and maintenance of the accessories remain unchanged.

On its first use, the wiping and vacuuming robot travels around the room to calibrate itself, creating a map of the area. It does not clean as it does so. This calibration process can be repeated for new areas via the app.

Questions about the cleaning performance:

We strongly advise against cleaning floors on which water has accumulated. Taking in liquid could damage the robot.

Switch the robot off immediately and dry the container, the filter assembly components and the suction port. Once the components are dry, put them back and restart the robot. If the robot is still not working, please contact our customer service.

Check if the dust container is full, because that can cause dirt to escape. Please empty the dust container before it gets too full.

Please check the battery level. If it is low, charge the robot and try again.

  • Make sure the robot isn't in "Do not disturb" mode, as this will prevent it from cleaning.
  • The robot won't resume cleaning if it was manually placed in the charging station.
  • The dust container is full. Please empty it.
  • The filter is blocked. Please clean it.
  • A foreign object is caught in the brush. Please remove it.

 Remove the wipe holder and select "Vacuum" in the app.

The water tank must only be filled with water.

The robot can clean under furniture only if there is enough space between the floor and the furniture.

Questions about the app:

You can find the QR code for the "Kärcher Home Robots" app in the user manual. Scan it with your smartphone to download the app.

Please check if your Wi-Fi network is operating at 2.4 GHz. If your Wi-Fi network is dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), try setting it to 2.4 GHz.

Make sure the robot is as close to the router as possible.

 Yes, you can use the app to set up individual rooms and select them for cleaning on the map.

Place the robot and charging station in a new area. Open the map list in the app and select the option to create a new map.

Make sure the robot is connected to the network and is within range of the WLAN.

Yes, you can control the robot remotely using the app.

Questions about product maintenance:

No. Once the robot is fully charged, it switches to the supplementary charging mode to prevent overcharging. Please also make sure that no children play with the robot, even if it is fully charged.

Yes. Once the cleaning robot is fully charged, it switches to the supplementary low-current charging mode to prevent overcharging. Please also make sure that no children play with the robot, even if it is fully charged. If you are not going to use the cleaning robot for a while, we recommend switching it off and storing it in its packaging.


Please check and remove the foreign object from around the radar or move the robot somewhere else to restart it.

Please wipe the robot's fall sensor and try again (you can find information on the sensor's location in the user manual).

Please move the cleaning robot somewhere else and try again.

Try pressing the collision sensor and checking it for foreign objects. Restart the robot after you have removed the foreign objects.

If the cleaning robot is too hot or too cold, please only start using it again once the temperature has returned to normal.

Restart the device or contact customer service.

Switch off the cleaning robot and restart it.

A foreign object could be caught in the brush, side brush or left/right wheel. Switch off the cleaning robot and remove any foreign objects.