Floor scrubbers / scrubber driers

For shiny floors With Kärcher scrubber driers, floors are hygienically clean and spotless. Sparkling performance guaranteed. Our all-rounders and specialists complete all kinds of home cleaning tasks quickly and economically.

Kärcher  Compact


Compact floor scrubbers are ideal for daily scrubbing of areas up to 1,400 m² per hour. Award winning and innovative design provide you with the best in daytime cleaning.

Kärcher  Walk-behind scrubbers

Walk-behind scrubbers

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are the most diverse of the scrubber line-up. These innovative floor scrubbers are ideal for cleaning medium to large areas up to 2,600 m² per hour efficiently.

Kärcher  Step-on scrubber driers

Step-on scrubber driers

Users of these machines stand on the platform. The innovative step-on concept combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on.

Kärcher  Autonomous scrubber driers

Autonomous scrubber driers

The compact, manoeuvrable scrubber dryer robot is impressive, not only in environments where space is limited, but also over large areas, making it ideal for floor cleaning in the transport sector, retail units and shopping centres, healthcare settings, public buildings or for cleaning production and manufacturing halls in industry.

Kärcher  Ride-on scrubbers

Ride-on scrubbers

Ride-on scrubbers offer the most cleaning power and comfort. Designed for industrial use, these robust machines are capable of cleaning up to 6,000 m² per hour.