Cordless window vacs

A pure pleasure. Simply clean with no drips The latest generation of battery powered Window Vac from Kärcher not only ensures streak-free clean windows, but also saves a lot of time and effort. The handy devices simply and reliably suck the water from the pane, after cleaning – with no dripping dirty water and no streaks.

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Streak-free cleanliness in 3 steps



First spray the detergent onto the windowpane.




Then, wipe the glass with the microfiber cloth present on the sprayer to remove the encrusted dirt.

Absaugen mit Fenstersauger


Finally, just vacuum up the dirty water. Finished.

The windows are clean, streak-free and no drop has spilled on the floor.

One solution for all smooth surfaces

Window cleaning

Window cleaning has never been easier. Use our Window Vac for streak-free results in seconds.

Clean shower cubicles and tiled walls

Effortlessly vacuum shower cubicles and tiled walls in the shower and bathroom.

Vacuum up liquids

Simply vacuum up spilled liquids with the Kärcher Window Vac.

Vacuum up condensation

Quickly vacuum up excess moisture from windowpanes with the Window Vacs from Kärcher.

Kärcher WV features

3 x Faster
No Streaks
No drips

Suitable accessories and cleaning agent

The range of accessories and cleaning agents is the perfect complement and, thanks to sophisticated product ideas, ensures even more convenient window cleaning suited to any application.