Zero Force. Full Power. The EASY!Force trigger gun.

You have the power! Only one thing can come between you and your task: our EASY!Force HD trigger gun. It gives you the power to use high pressure with ease. The revolutionary operating concept of the EASY!Force trigger gun uses the recoil force of the high-pressure jet and reduces the holding force for the trigger to zero. Absolutely zero. Designed for more effortless, ergonomic and stress-free use. Try our EASY!Force trigger gun – you will not want to put it down.

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EASY!Force: It has never been so easy to control pressure.

With our EASY!Force high-pressure gun we have defined a new dimension of ergonomics in high-pressure cleaning. Nothing less than that and no exaggeration. This is confirmed by both the patent and independent studies.


Normal high pressure gun

EasyForceErgonomic gun

The open position of the hand reduces the effort.

A question of ergonomics.

Ergonomics is no gimmick and not for the faint-hearted. Ergonomics is basic protection of people and their health. The labour protection laws consistently demand the protection of users during physically demanding activities such as high-pressure cleaning. In the future companies must disclose the workload and offer employees corresponding compensation, be it in the form of money, breaks or early retirement. Our EASY!Force HP trigger gun offers you many benefits compared with traditional HP trigger guns.

You guide your EASY!Force HP trigger gun with zero holding force. This protects your joints, your muscles and your entire body. It reduces the risk of injury from fatigue. And it prevents arthritis. But EASY!Force offers not only health benefits, the work results are also improved and unscheduled
breaks disappear. You therefore quickly achieve a significant increase in all areas with EASY!Force and zero holding force.


The smaller muscles take a break. The bigger muscles do the job.

Not all types of force are alike. What matters is how much muscle mass is needed to produce the necessary force. Smaller muscles tire more quickly than larger muscles under the same load. Also the movement of the joints out of their neutral position is also decisive for fatigue. And this is exactly where our EASY!Force HP trigger gun comes into play.

In order to hold and operate the HP trigger gun and HP lance, instead of smaller muscle groups in the fingers and forearm being stimulated, larger muscle groups in the upper arm are activated. This eliminates early fatigue. With traditional HP trigger guns the fingers must be curled into a fist. With EASY!Force the hand remains in the relaxed neutral position, the fingers are not bent. The shift of the holding forces from small to large muscle groups, together with the ideal ergonomics of the HP trigger gun and the relaxed handling, leads to significantly reduced strain on the muscles. This makes possible fatigue-free work over the long term and results in better and more cost-efficient work performance with optimal work results.

Full ceramic valve for a longer lifetime.

When high-pressure guns fail, this is largely due to faulty valves damaged by particles. Our EASY!Force also puts an end to this: the valve consists of a ceramic ball with ceramic sealing seat that is resistant to any particles liable to cause potential damage. And this gives it a lifetime 5 times longer than trigger guns with conventional valve.

Intuitive for safe working.

The trigger safety of the new EASY!Force trigger gun prevents unintentional operation and offers maximum safety during use – without compromising on ease of use. You only need to press the trigger once to release the high-pressure jet – intuitive and simple. The EASY!Force trigger gun remains open as long as the trigger is pressed. When you release the trigger, the trigger gun immediately switches off.

EASY!Force Key Visual

EASY!Force Ergonomie
EASY!Force Keramikventil
EASY!Force Trigger

EASY!Force komfortabel

Comfortable in any situation

We take care of the ergonomics so that you are comfortable in any situation. Our EASY!Force HD trigger gun offers optimal ergonomics for ease of use in any working position. In certain situations, in particular when working overhead or at different working angles, an extra handle can be used.

Getting a handle on your tasks.

An optional handle for the spray lance of our new EASY!Lock generation makes work easier by allowing you to adjust your posture to suit the particular task. Regularly changing your posture allows you to work longer and in a more relaxed way.

The extra handle can be fixed on the spray lance. The handle can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator and ideal working angle. This is quick and convenient with a simple adjusting screw. The ergonomic design of the handle offers 2 additional gripping zones, whether you are right or left-handed. Thanks to the 360° rotatable spray lance, the extra handle can simply be turned whilst working for greater flexibility.

EASY!Lock: Quick and easy connection

With our patented EASY!Lock quick locks, connection is quick and easy. Unbelievably 5 times faster compared with conventional screw connections. Our EASY!Lock quick lock is just as durable and robust. At least.

Ready quicker – finished quicker.

Until now, setting up a high-pressure cleaner was very time-consuming. It involved connecting or disconnecting different interfaces. And the same was true when changing accessories. But that’s a thing of the past. Our EASY!Lock system combines the advantages of a quick coupling with those of a screw connection. And this is a time saving of about 80 %. Time needed for the actual work. Or for other important things.

Unique, quick, safe and robust.

Nothing is safer, more reliable and long-lasting than a screw connection. Nothing is as time-saving as a quick lock. But one thing is as good as the two combined: our EASY!Lock is as strong as a conventional screw connection and as flexible as a quick lock. The thread is locked via a cone. A simple 360° turn is all it takes to connect all accessories from high-pressure cleaners to nozzles – via a multiple thread with insertion aid. Quick and safe. Time and time again.

Progress is this easy.

With our innovative EASY!Lock system, weight is not an issue – it weighs no more than conventional screw connections. A small improvement with a big effect – the nozzle seal on the spray lance. This now sits radially directly in front of the retaining thread, which makes the seal far more durable and captive.


Everything is easy.

Our EASY!Lock System is the start of better cleaning, not the end of your accessories. Specially developed adaptors enable all machines and accessories with metric threads (M 22 × 1.5) to be used with accessories with EASY!Lock connection. And we have made it easy to choose the right adaptor with matching connections. Every adapter has a two-colour plastic cover with embossed number. The anthracite grey connection is the new EASY!Lock connection; the black connection is for a conventional metric thread.


What perfect connections look like.

In order to cover the various interfaces, from the highpressure cleaner to the nozzle, as well as forward and backward compatibility, a total of 8 different adaptors are available. This ensures that all existing machines and accessories can continue to be used together with the new machines and accessories with EASY!Lock connections. In our adaptor finder there are all adaptors listed with their respective application. For example, any high-pressure cleaner with M 22 × 1.5 connection can quickly be converted to the new EASY!Lock system with adaptor 2.