Success from the modular system

A significant advantage for system planning is that all of the Kärcher components used have been developed specially for cleaning container interiors. This enables Kärcher to offer a wide range of modular and compatible components that can be configured to provide an optimal system solution for any application. The fact that our products are the culmination of many years of container cleaning experience and that we maintain the highest industry quality standards goes without saying.


Interior cleaning: everything revolves around the right head.

Kärcher interior cleaners are designed for universal use and the majority are certified according to ATEX 94/9. The flow rate and operating pressure can be adapted to suit individual requirements. Drive options are jet-propelled or by electric or compressed-air motor. The required rotation of the nozzles is achieved by positive rotation of the nozzle carrier in two planes. The large number of asymmetric teeth ensure a wide jet and intensive cleaning of the entire interior surface.

HKS 100

HKS 100 speed control

For openings from 200 mm in diameter: HKS 100 speed control with two or four nozzles and self-drive (recoil force principle). Suitable for containers up to approx. 40,000 l. Maximum working pressure 100 bar. Parts which come into contact with the cleaning media are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned with acids, alkaline solutions, solvents and acetone. Speed stability is ensured by the innovative further development of the hydraulic brake.

HKF 200

HKF 200

For openings from 200 mm in diameter: electric or compressed-air driven HKF 200 stainless steel interior cleaning head with two or four nozzles. With up to 200 bar pressure for large containers with a volume of up to about 70,000 litres. All parts coming into contact with the media are made of stainless steel for universal use of acids, alkaline solutions and solvents as well as cleaning media over a wide pH range.

ICH 120/14 Ps F2

ICH 120/14 Ps F2 – folding frame

Jet-propelled interior cleaning head for industrial applications, mainly tank wagons with four to eight axles. Allows several process steps to be carried out in one motion: steaming via integrated nozzle, efficient high-pressure cleaning via jet-propelled heads and subsequent drying. And all this with unbeatable efficiency.

HKF 200 C2 – der Allrounder

HKF 200 C2 – the all-rounder

Modified HKF 200. An interior cleaner suitable for both normal operation and "power operation". This cleaner can be operated with double the water flow rate and reduced speed via manual selection. This makes individual use possible, e.g. for tank and silo cleaning (normal operation) as well as for 20-foot container cleaning (power head).

HKF 50

HKF 50

For openings from 50 mm in diameter: electric or compressed-air driven HKF 50 interior cleaning head for containers up to 3,000 litres at a pressure of up to 100 bar. Acids and alkaline solutions can be used as cleaning media over a wide pH range.