Kärcher partners FIA World Rallycross Championship

On August 4th the FIA WRX will land in Trois Rivieres QC. 3 days of fun, dirt and mud that will require our cleaning teams!!! Come and check it!!


Kärcher Cleaning centers at all 12 rounds

Kärcher is partnering the FIA World Rallycross Championship. It supports the Rallycross series as a whole and also the EKS Team with Mattias Ekström. The global market leader in cleaning solutions will ensure that vehicles are kept clean by erecting a cleaning station with extra powerful pressure washers from the professional series at the paddock at all 12 rounds of the World Championship.

All teams need to have their vehicles cleaned thoroughly before they go back on the racetrack. Cleaning the cars is not just for esthetics but essential prior to maintenance in order to identify damaged or worn parts. From the technical point of view, a thorough wash also allows better reliability of sensitive components such as the car’s suspension. The cleaning station is contributing in this way to success and safety of the drivers.

Hartmut Jenner, CEO of Kärcher, explained: “World RX is full of exciting competition, a technophile audience and with Kärcher cleaning solutions we can ensure a clean car. I am very pleased that we are now an official supplier and that we can help contribute to the success of the outstanding race series even further.”

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, added: “Kärcher is an innovative company which has seen huge economic growth in the past few years. We are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to seeing the Kärcher brand represented in the World RX paddock throughout the 2017 season.”

Kärcher’s technology enables water savings of almost 80% compared to traditional car wash with water hose and sponge. Furthermore, high pressure is an environmentally friendly alternative to using chemicals and leads to better cleaning results in a much shorter time.

You can find more about the Trois Rivieres Rallycross on FIA WRX Website.

Below the video of the highlights of the 2016 Trois Rivieres race