Versatile for various outdoor surfaces

Thanks to its rotating roller brushes and integrated water distribution, the patio cleaner from Kärcher removes dirt carefully yet thoroughly from patios, no matter whether they are made from wood, WPC or smooth stone tiles.

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Your wingman for patio cleaning.

Let's put an end to energy-sapping scrubbing: thanks to the patio cleaner, you'll never again have to manually clean wooden floors in outside areas. You can also clean remote sites in next to no time and without the need for a power connection: for the cordless patio cleaner, you do not need a separate power source, and you can enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Rotating roller brushes and water clean evenly, removing even stubborn and ingrained dirt from the wood. The water volume can be adjusted easily, meaning you only use as much water as you actually need. Dirt is loosened and washed away in a single step. In combination with the compatible roller brushes, the patio cleaner also cleans dirt off stone tiles in outside areas optimally and effortlessly.

Thorough and even cleaning

Innovative, reverse-rotating roller brushes ensure thorough and even cleaning of wooden patios.

Kärcher Patio Cleaner

2-in-1 function

The two integrated water nozzles loosen and rinse away the dirt in one step.

Kärcher Patio Cleaner

Can be used on a variety of different outdoor surfaces

Thanks to the option of tool-free changes, the wood brushes included in the scope of supply can be replaced with brushes for cleaning smooth stone tiles in no time at all.

Kärcher Patio Cleaner

Patio cleaner FAQs

The PCL patio cleaner is suitable for surfaces such as wooden patios and WPC. With the roller brushes for stone surfaces (available separately), you can also clean smooth stone tiles in outside areas. The surface of the stone slabs must be smooth and sealed.

The cleaning width is 300 millimetres.

The scope of supply includes a set that consists of two roller brushes for wooden surfaces. The roller brushes for stone surfaces can be purchased separately.

The roller brushes can be easily replaced by hand, without the need for any tools.

The maximum water pressure is 10 bar and therefore corresponds to the low-pressure range.