Rental equipment for commercial customers

Rent me – very simple and straightforward

Rent instead of buy – and get more: proven Kärcher quality and comprehensive service included. Our rental equipment is used when it is really needed. No breakdowns, no unnecessary costs - just economically smart. We offer the right machine for every application on the spot. For flexible and sustainable cleaning fleets.

As flexible as you: rental equipment directly from the manufacturer

Our Kärcher rental equipment is there when you need it.For as long as you want. It offers the optimal solution for short-term jobs such as winter service and garden maintenance or for one-off cleaning tasks like street cleaning after celebrations and festivals. Our rental equipment is also perfect as a short-term replacement or seasonal extension to the fleet.

A demand-driven fleet offers many advantages: the right machine is always available and very economical to use. No repairs, no investment costs, no storage or maintenance requirements. Genuine sustainability in an efficient cleaning business.

Maximum choice – maximum flexibility

Our portfolio has a selection of professional machines of all sizes and performance classes. We offer the right rental equipment, along with compatible accessories, for all requirements. Our rental equipment can be equipped to meet your requirements and specially configured for the task at hand. Our modern fleet includes machines in mint condition and equipped with reliable Kärcher technology.

Transparent, cost-saving and without compromises

Nothing is impossible. From one-off short-term rental through to the attractive fixed rental payment - almost anything is possible. Only rent for as long as necessary. Flexible rental periods enable maximum efficiency, full cost control and sustainable management. No long downtimes, no tied-up capital, no gradual loss in value, no unnecessary investment costs. Just greater financial leeway. Give yourself the freedom to simply exchange a machine during operation. Because many machines are also available at short notice. 

Full use – but risk-free

No nasty surprises: our rental machines are impeccably clean and fully serviced when handed over to you. All machines are always ready for use and come with our all-in service package. Typical for Kärcher.
In the know: there is also a thorough briefing for every machine. So that as a professional you can take advantage of the full potential of the machine. Safely and risk-free.

Kärcher rental equipment logo

Rental equipment video clip

Renting made easy: the video clip shows how to rent equipment step by step – quickly and cost-efficiently. Selecting the right machine in the Kärcher rental park is very easy. Everyone will be able to find the right rental machine for one-off or long-term jobs and applications.

Always the right partner by your side

Our rental park always offers the right machine that is perfect for the respective application. Planned in precise detail, machines are used when they are also really needed. This saves costs and creates true efficiency and sustainability.

Rent or buy?

Our aim: create efficiency and operate sustainably. Whether you buy or rent a machine is of secondary importance. It is much more important that the model is economically viable. Purchasing is recommended if a machine is to be used regularly and on a permanent basis. However, if the machine is only to be used as a one-off or seasonally, our demand-driven rental model offers maximum flexibility. Storage locations, logistics costs and maintenance requirements are reduced. With the help of the rental equipment, you can tap into short-term revenue potential without tying up capital. The appropriate machine from our professional machine pool can be used for the task at hand. In a sustainable, environmentally friendly and worry-free manner.


Good for you, good for the environment

Sharing is caring. Renting a machine not only offers an economic advantage. It also contributes to a sustainable business culture. Our rental equipment is reliably maintained, and serviced also over long periods of time. This means that we can guarantee a long life and counteract premature disposal with the first defect.

Bring on the season

With the help of rental equipment, seasonal tasks such as winter service, sweeping and garden and lawn maintenance can be optimally covered – without huge investments and loss in value through downtimes. Costs only arise for the machine when it is used productively.

Renting can really be that simple

We make the rental of machines simple and straightforward. Short routes, flexible rental periods, delivery and pick-up service. From the initial request to delivery, we look after the administrative side of things for you. On top of this, we offer reliable service and competent advice and training. This leaves more time for the really important things.

Full cost control – worry-free

Rental equipment saves on large investments or creates greater financial leeway. Costs are easier to calculate and can be saved. This means that you can make precise and reliable calculations.

No half measures

When we do something, we do it right. Everything is already included in our rental offer: delivery and collection, maintenance as well as repair. No hidden costs, just full service.

Would you like something extra? We also rent fleets.

There is something for everyone in our Kärcher rental park. Large fleets are also available. For example, for one-off cleaning orders or limited contractual terms for properties that do not justify a new purchase.

Individualists for any situation

Our portfolio offers almost every machine required – even for exceptional cleaning tasks. More exotic machines like the escalator cleaner, polishing machines and the ice blaster are also available in our rental park.

Rent – the safe way

For us, trust and security take top priority in the rental business. Through regular maintenance and the implementation of all prescribed checks, we guarantee compliance with all legal requirements for our machines.

Kärcher rented machines

Rent the appropriate machine for every challenge from our Kärcher Professional product groups.

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