Industrial Vacuuming / Dedusting Solutions

From the mobile machine to the turnkey vacuuming or deduster system

In industry you need a system comprising machines, accessories and services that can be easily integrated in your operations and brings added value. A system in which all products are specially developed to meet the tough industrial requirements. We have the system that makes the difference. The Kärcher industry system.

Kärcher industrial vacuum cleaners

Our solutions are even tougher than your applications.

Teams are heroes. All tasks can only be carried out with the right partners. And the best possible results can only be achieved when different talents are combined. We consider ourselves to be a team with you. Your experience and feedback are valuable to us, because we are pursuing the same goal: developing innovations and products which enable you to achieve your objectives more quickly and efficiently.

A solution for every application

With its various sectors, industry places particular demands on cleaning solutions: process integration, large quantities, hazardous substances, narrow time slots, and lots more. Both universal and special machines and systems are required here. We have all vacuuming solutions for industry.

Kärcher industrial vacuum cleaners for Liquids and/or solids

Liquids and/or solids

Kärcher industrial vacuum cleaners for solids/dusts

Solids and/or dust

Kärcher Ex vacuum cleaners for explosive dust

Explosive dust

Kärcher dust extractors for fine dust, hazardous dust, fine swarf and all kinds of abrasion.

Unsettled particles

Kärcher Ex dust extractors for everything that is suspended in air and is explosive

Explosive unsettled particles

Perfect solutions for industry

Whatever and wherever you want to vacuum or remove dust.

A solution for every cleaning problem

With our Kärcher industrial vacuums and dedusters, we offer you solutions for every industrial vacuuming task: whether flexible and mobile or stationary, for vacuuming anything from coarse swarf to the smallest unsettled particles, for small or large quantities, for liquids or solids, for unproblematic or hazardous material.

Kärcher  Industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for the stationary or mobile vacuuming of dry and wet swarf, coarse dust and similar suspended particles. Industrial vacuum cleaners work at a high vacuum with a relatively low air flow.

Over 50 years of experience

With the Kärcher industry system you benefit from over 50 years of experience. We are in close contact with our customers worldwide in order to analyse existing and new tasks together and optimally adapt our products to these applications.

Successful solutions in all industries.

For more than half a century we have been successfully implementing sophisticated industrial suction technology for well-known companies in industry. And we continue to do everything to also implement the best possible solutions for you.

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