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Working together towards saving water, taking responsibility has always been an important part of the corporate culture at Kärcher.


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Save water using Kärcher high-pressure cleaners

A high-pressure cleaner is the ideal helper around the home and in the garden. These machines clean patios, storage spaces and courtyards as well as garden tools or bicycles quickly and thoroughly. They also help save water: about 3500 litres of water per hour flows through a normal hose with a pressure of about 3 to 5 bar. A powerful high-pressure cleaner consumes an average of 450 litres of water per hour in the same amount of time. This saving is due to the high water pressure of up to 160 bar which reduces cleaning times.

The featured technology does not only offer practical advantages. It is fun to feel the water pressure with the trigger gun in the hand and see how quickly the dirt is removed and washed away.


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How does a pressure washer work?

Pressure in a normal household water supply is around 4 bar. Water supplied into the pressure washer via a garden hose, passes through a booster pump which generates water pressure of up to 160 bar. The water passes through a small high-pressure nozzle as a concentrated jet with a high impact pressure which in turn ensures an excellent cleaning result.

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Easy on the environment, and your pocket

High pressure washers can also be operated with an alternative water source. The device simply draws the water from any available water reservoir (e.g. a water bucket). This saves valuable drinking water and is environmentally friendly. A further advantage is that independence from the water mains affords greater flexibility and increases the working radius.

The K1-K3 class high pressure washers are able to operate in gravity feed mode.

Follow these easy steps for effective alternative water suction from alternative water source.

Draw water from a bucket or water tank

Step by step procedure of how to get the machine to suck water from a bucket:

1. Elevate the water source by a meter or so.
2. Switch the machine on and run the machine without any nozzles until you get a clean flow of water flowing through the trigger gun only.
3. Once you have got rid of the air lock you may then attach the nozzles and use the machine.

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