Cleaning through the Christmas period

Advent dinner, Christmas menu, New Year's Eve party: The period of festivity and winter celebrations is starting. But how can we make everything shine and sparkle before our families and friends come to visit? These tips and everyday aids will ensure a relaxed and clean Christmas.

Happy father makes Christmas cookies with his daughter

Perfectly prepared for the festive season

We all know the feeling: Making Christmas cookies, buying presents, inviting the family, cooking Christmas dinner – and suddenly the calm and peaceful Christmas holiday becomes stressful. It helps if you don't also have to worry about lengthy cleaning activities before and during the festive period, your mother-in-law's critical inspection of the window panes, or even scraping ice off the windscreens every morning.

Amazingly clean – no streaks

Not only in the car is a good view important - in many places, the windows should also gleam at Christmas. But let's be honest: Window cleaning is no fun. At least not if you've put a lot of effort into cleaning them, only to see that they are covered in streaks as soon as the light shines on them. A Window Vac can provide the solution.

Incidentally, a Window Vac can be used not only to clean windows. It also proves to be a loyal cleaning aid on other glass and smooth surfaces in the household, e.g. shower cubicles, wall tiles, mirrors, glass tables, glass doors and display cabinets.

Women wiping the kitchen floor with a Kärcher FC 3 Cordless

Wipe away without bothering with a bucket

Have you ever had the impression that the floor was cleaner before you washed it than after? This happens a lot with conventional mops, when the dirt, instead of disappearing, is just moved from one corner to another with every wipe. Annoying, especially if the floor is supposed to be gleaming ready for the Christmas celebrations. Not forgetting the bucket, which actually just gets in the way.

Things are easier with a Kärcher floor cleaner: The rotating rollers of the FC 5 are continuously moistened with fresh water, while the dirt is picked up and deposited in the separate tank. The floor is dry again in no time. So you can give it another quick wipe even just before the friends arrive for the festivities.


Quick aid in event of little mishaps

Thorough cleaning before the Christmas holiday starts is usually not enough. So much can still happen even during the festivities: Cooking the Christmas dinner covers the oven and hob with grease stains, wax drips from the candles on the festively decorated table onto the tablecloth, or a glass of wine is knocked over during the meal. No worry: With the right tricks, such minor mishaps can quickly be dealt with.

Spilled candle wax on wooden surface

Quickly remove candle wax

Hot wax quickly gets onto the tablecloth, floor, carpet or sofa. When the wax has hardened, larger pieces can be carefully scraped off with the back of a knife or a spoon. For the remaining wax, put some blotting paper or kitchen roll on the affected area. Then move an iron on medium heat over it until the wax has been completely absorbed. Alternatively, melt the wax with a steam cleaner, a hairdryer, or by pouring hot water on it, and then remove it with a piece of kitchen roll. Important: For upholstery and textiles containing artificial fibres, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Red wine stain on carpet

No chance for carpet stains

During a lively conversation, it can happen so quickly: A glass of red wine is spilt on the carpet. The reaction must be fast in order to prevent permanent staining. For this purpose, the affected area must be dabbed with a clean cloth. Then treat the area with a universal stain remover. By the way, salt is not a good solution: It does draw the moisture, but as a rule the wine is absorbed more quickly by the fibre than the salt can soak it up. Incidentally, dirt or chocolate stains can be easily removed with the blunt edge of a butter knife.

Floor cleaning with a steam cleaner

Remove grease in the kitchen

Christmas turkey, cookies, roast dinners: The Christmas period means tough times in many kitchens. With a steam cleaner and round brush (available soon in Canada), grease and encrusted food scraps in the oven can be loosened in no time, and then just need to be wiped up with a cloth. Encrusted food scraps on the cooker and hob can also be effortlessly removed by steam: Fit a commercially available stainless steel scouring pad on the round brush and clean the entire hob while continuously applying steam. The steam forms a lubricating layer to prevent scratches. With the floor nozzle, the kitchen floor can quickly be cleaned of grease stains.

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