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Success through partnership. Building Service Contractors are faced with tough challenges. Not only is there increased competition and tighter margins, but there are increasing costs and more diversification of services provided. Efficiency and sustainability are decisive success factors, as well as the best management and a powerful, reliable partner. Kärcher, the world's market leader for cleaning technology.


Just right for every type of floor.

Floor surfaces may vary but the task is the same: perfect cleaning and care for all hard and soft floors. The Kärcher system has an optimal solution for the deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning and care of all types of floors - dry or wet, by machine and with ideally designed accessories and perfectly formulated cleaning agents. The results are as perfect across the central area as at the edges. With all the possibilities and advantages that come from 75 years' experience as the world leader in cleaning technology.

Our products for hard surfaces

Scrubber driers

For shiny floors. Clean small surfaces quickly: These scrubber driers ensure your floors are perfectly clean between customer visits. Even if you are cleaning floors as small as 10 ft² they are more efficient than wet mopping.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming from A to Z. Kärcher wet/dry vacuum cleaners offer optimal solutions for industry, trade, automotive, contract cleaners and trades. They impress with their high quality and durability, innovative filter technology and extraordinary operating comfort.

Single-disc polisher

Whether on hard surfaces or textile floor coverings: at Kärcher you are guaranteed to find the right single disc machine. We stock machines for all specialised and all-round uses.


Maximum sweeping performance - always and everywhere From the manual sweeper via the walk-behind and ride-on machine to the extremely powerful and robust industrial ride-on sweeper. Clean sweeping at any time with reliable and innovative Karcher technology.

Extracting every last speck of dirt.

Carpets in office buildings are subject to heavy traffic. Kärcher carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and sweepers have been proving their worth for decades. These robust, powerful and versatile machines are designed for deep cleaning, intermediate cleaning and spot-cleaning carpets and for removing stains from textile surfaces. They also clean deep into the fibers of blinds and upholstery.

Gebaeudedienstleister Teppich
Gebaeudedienstleister Teppich

Sanitary areas – deep cleaning in hard to reach areas.

Sanitary areas put especially demanding cleaning tasks into the agenda. With limescale, grease and cosmetic residues found in bathrooms, changing rooms and almost everywhere, textured floors or small areas where hygiene requirements are high can be hard to clean. The prevention of germ transmission in these areas is crucial. The regular use of compact, efficient Kärcher cleaning machines ensures that surfaces are hygienically clean deep into corners and crevices.

Gebaeudedienstleister Sanitär

Home-made cleanliness.

Hygiene is a 'must' in kitchens and dining areas. For compliance reasons as well, there must be no room for doubt that hygiene is the top priority. The Kärcher system offers everything for professional cleaning in the context of strict adherence to hygiene regulations. A comprehensive range of manual tools, powerful cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents are available so that everything from stainless steel surfaces to tiles and floors can be kept in an appealingly clean and hygienic condition.

Gebaeudedienstleister Küche
Gebaeudedienstleister Küche
Gebaeudedienstleister Küche

Unbelievably versatile.

As the inventor of the high-pressure cleaner, Kärcher offers a range of pressure washer cleaning products that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical refinement and scope of application. Whether it is a cold water or hot water unit, powered by electric motor or combustion engine, mobile or stationary, Kärcher pressure washers are second to none. The same technological, quality and efficiency standards are applied to Kärcher's sweepers; they have proven themselves in exterior cleaning on various surfaces and terrains.

Gebaeudedienstleister Außen

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