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Perfect hygiene with high efficiency. The successful day-to-day running of busy hospitals and clinics is inextricably linked with modern hygiene and efficiency. The vital importance of maintaining hygiene must be ensured in any event through optimal care and cleanliness. The various areas in hospitals each require their own specific cleaning solutions - from small to large areas and kitchens to operating rooms. In busy hospitals and clinics, efficient maintenance cleaning is crucial as there is rarely enough time for time-consuming deep cleaning. More stringent hygiene standards, increasing cost pressures and competition make things more difficult. Kärcher offers products that are ideally suited to meet these high demands.


Making high traffic routes clean and safe.

The constant traffic in public areas such as entrances, hallways and ward corridors leaves little time for cleaning - you need a balance between maintenance, interim and deep cleaning. For thorough cleanliness, dust suppression and safety for all of your floors, Kärcher puts hygiene first to increase patient and visitor satisfaction.


Sanitary areas – cleans deep into corners and crevices.

Manual cleaning can reach its limits in sanitary areas, especially when it comes to removing limescale, skin oils or cosmetic residues. In bathrooms, showers and changing rooms, or anywhere with textured floors, there is limited space and rigorous hygiene requirements. The prevention of germ transmission in these areas is crucial. The regular use of compact, efficient Kärcher cleaning machines ensures that floors are hygienically clean deep into joints and crevices.

Treatment areas – maximum hygiene.

Cleaning in sterile areas such as operating rooms and laboratories places high demands on the cleaning systems used. The aim is to achieve and maintain a maximum level of hygiene to avoid nosocomial infections and HAIs. Cleaning machines used in these areas must comply with rigorous hygiene standards. Additionally, the often busy environments mean there is limited time to thoroughly clean floors subject to high traffic and cramped conditions making floor cleaning even more difficult. Kärcher has the solution for to efficiently and effectively clean treatment areas.

Kitchen areas – appetizingly clean.

Preparing food for a large number of patients and staff places the highest demands on hygiene. Kärcher offers a complete system which follows the HACCP concept and complies with all cleaning standards using special equipment in all preparation, storage and distribution areas. Our equipment is effective for various cleaning applications from working areas to serving trolleys.

Offices and conference rooms – cleaned deep into the fibers.

Offices and conference rooms in hospitals are often carpeted or have parquet flooring to create a pleasant atmosphere. To retain the value of these high-quality materials, specific cleaning systems are necessary. Maintain a constant level of hygiene and prevent the transmission of germs with Kärcher equipment.

High performance in all areas - outside cleaning.

It is not only important that areas inside the hospital give a good impression, but outside surfaces need to be clean as well. Year-round maintenance of the infrastructure is indispensable for ensuring that daily routines can be carried out smoothly and safely. This applies in particular to access for ambulances, entrances and footpaths for patients and staff. Also important are the cleaning of car garages and parking lots.

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