A system for success. The application of comprehensive hygiene and cleaning concepts is one of the keys to success in retail. Visible cleanliness and tidiness are valued highly by customers and, whether they know it or not, play an important role when making that final purchase decision. Kärcher offers suitable, efficient and cost-effective cleaning solutions for all work areas and floor surfaces: the Kärcher system – a range of perfectly-tailored machines, accessories and cleaning agents. Our system is professionally enhanced by a range of modern services – from service and repair to comprehensive cleaning management, Kärcher is here for you.


Cleanliness and safety is always crucial.

The customer always comes first, and they expect hygiene standards to be high and in all areas at all times. Cleaning systems for customer areas must therefore have certain characteristics. They have to be discreet and quiet, easy to transport, ergonomically designed and usable even in small spaces. The combined qualities of Kärcher's cleaning machines ensure that every job is easy to complete.


Hygiene: nothing but the best.

Handling food requires compliance with strict hygiene regulations both in processing areas and in areas that are open to customers. New and strict standards, such as HACCP, the EU standards ISO and IFS (International Featured Standard) and the USA's FDA regulations place increased demands on machines and total solutions. The Kärcher system, which includes machines, accessories and cleaning agents developed and produced in-house, ensures all cleaning applications can be carried out to the highest standards.


State of the art.

Today shops are open around the clock. Consumers can shop when they choose, and they prefer to do it in a friendly setting. That is why shop designers have developed a dynamic layout which is based around the rhythm of the consumer. The modern materials put to use pave the way for amazing design possibilities. However, they present completely new challenges when it comes to cleaning. Kärcher aims to take on this challenge with innovative and efficient cleaning products.



Guaranteed cleanliness in storerooms and beyond.

In the food sector, storage areas are an important part of any comprehensive hygiene concept. Sensitive goods are brought in, packaged, stored and removed from storage, repackaged or unpacked and transported to food departments. Even in these areas, the Kärcher system ensures compliance with strict hygiene specifications and legal regulations. Perfectly-tailored cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents deliver a fast, simple and cost-effective clean.


An exceptional outdoor clean.

The outside areas of companies both advertises and represents your business to the world. There is the need to keep dirt near entrances to a minimum to prevent it from entering the building, as well as to keep loading areas and pathways clean. This ranges from leaves and road dirt to coarse debris, such as broken pallets.


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