Battery peace of mind guarantee terms and conditions

Battery peace of mind banner
  • The purchase of any battery and charger within both Home and Garden and Professional product portfolios are eligible for a 1 year free replacement from the date of invoice.
  • In order to qualify for this benefit, you must register your proof of purchase on our website.
    • In the event that a customer would like to claim a free battery and charger replacement under the peace of mind guarantee the following conditions apply:
      • The onus remains with the customer to return the existing battery and charger in exchange for a new battery and charger. No exchange will be processed without the existing unit being returned to the store.
      • The existing battery and charger must be delivered to one of the following Karcher centres before the new battery and/or charger will be issued.
      • Karcher centre East Rand
      • Karcher centre Nelspruit
      • Karcher centre Durban
      • Authorised Dealer
    • Purchases made at retail outlets are still required to be delivered to one of the aforementioned locations. A comprehensive list of dealer and Karcher centres can be found on our website.
  • The replacement battery and charger do not constitute any changes regarding the original warranty period of the compatible machinery purchased.
  • Only the first “exchange” is free, thereafter a 50% trade-in discount applies.
  • Testing of the battery and charger will be done in-store before a replacement is issued. Electrical faults do not constitute a replacement of the battery and charger and will be repaired and returned.