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HD/HDS 25% discount 

High pressure professional

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Terms and Conditions

1. Qualification: 
To qualify for 25% discount on service, accessories or detergents you must purchase any HD/HDS professional high pressure cleaner.

2. Promotion Period:
Purchases must be made between 01/09/2019 – 30/11/19. Any Purchase made after 30/11/19 will not be eligible for this promotion.

3. Machines:
This promotion only applies to purchases of new Kärcher Professional High-Pressure Cleaners (Pressure Washers).

4. Discount

Once the purchase of a new machine has been made a 25 % discount coupon will be issued.

One discount coupon per machine purchase is valid.

The 25% discount can be used on one of the following

o   First service (valid for each machine purchased)

o   Purchase of any HD/HDS Accessory

o   Purchase of any HD/HDS Detergent


5.  Discount availability period:
The period will begin from date of purchase.

5.1 When purchasing your machine you will be advised the required service intervals to qualify for the 25% discount on your first service based upon machine usage:
a. HD (cold water pressure washers)
b. HDS (hot water pressure washers)
To be serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.

5.2 25 % discount on Accessories or Detergent is valid until 15 December 2019

6.  Existing Offers: 
NOT to be used in conjunction with any other offers, or with other contract pricing agreements.

7. Exclusions: 
Offer available to companies or individuals based in the ZA only. 

8. Right to withdraw:
Kärcher (ZA) Limited reserves the right to alter, cancel or withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notice.

9. General:

All other terms remain unchanged, including the exemption for wear parts and defects caused by misuse or neglect. (see section our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale)