Rediscover your home

Rediscover your home with a Kärcher pressure washer, which allows you to do more than just easily remove dirt. They transform things: from old to new, from shabby to chic. Where previously dirt dominated, afterwards there is nothing but cleanliness. See for yourself what a huge difference they can make. And just how much fun cleaning can be!

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Kärcher pressure washers are the perfect solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks around the house and car. With the combination of high pressure and water, cleaning can be done almost twice as fast as with a sponge and hose. It is not just a device for spring cleaning, but rather a powerful assistant for all seasons. You have never seen your home like this before!

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Always well cooled


Thanks to the water-cooled motor and the right accessories for every application, Kärcher pressure washers clean up to 50% faster than other pressure washers.

T 400 T racer

T 400 T-Racer Surface Cleaner
For cleaning large areas with a splash guard. For patios, driveways, garage doors etc.

FJ Foam nozzle

FJ 10 C Connect 'n' Clean Foam
Detergents for powerful foam with quick change system.

WB 150 Power Brush

WB 150 Power Brush
Efficient combination of high pressure and manual brush pressure. Ideal for cleaning cars, garden furniture, etc.

Telescope Lance

Telescope Lance
For easy cleaning of hard-to-reach places at a height or depth up to 4 metres.

PS 40

PS 40 Power Scrubber Surface Cleaner
For efficient cleaning of stairs, terraces and paths

Chassis Clenaer

Chassis Cleaner
For chassis cleaning with a care nozzle for a wide range of vehicle types.

DB dirt blaster

DB 160 Dirt Blaster
With powerful rotary nozzle for removing stubborn dirt.

VP Vario jet power

Vario Power Jet 145
Infinitely variable pressure regulation from low-pressure detergent jet to high-pressure jet.

Application areas for pressure washers

Pressure washers are the most effective way to clean outdoors and are extremely easy to use: connect the device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer and let the cleaning fun begin! With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: whether for wet blasting, pipe cleaning, terrace cleaning or gutter cleaning, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited. On top of that, the water pressure is always greatest in the immediate vicinity of the nozzle. This means that stubborn dirt is cleaned away more easily with lower nozzle clearance. The clearance is increased accordingly for light dirt and sensitive surfaces. Our practical examples show how you can achieve the best results with your pressure washer.