Service stations

Fill up on cleanliness. The business of running a modern service station has changed enormously, from selling just fuel to offering a wide range of other services, including a shop, often open 24 hours, an eatery offering fresh food, and a vehicle wash. These are particular types of services that require particular types of cleaning and care so that customers will want to come back again and again. Kärcher offers the right solutions for all of these areas and is therefore just the right partner for all of the cleaning requirements of a service station. Discover Kärcher's extensive range on the following pages.


Higher cleanliness: higher turnover.

Modern service stations have become service centres where people go if their local shops have already closed. The shop has established itself as an important source of revenue that requires particular care. Kärcher has the know-how to help you overcome all of the cleaning challenges in your shop: whether it's cleaning floor areas with a high footfall, hygienically removing food dirt in the bakery, or cleaning sanitary facilities and office areas.

Quick drying.

Surfaces that become dirty quickly as a result of high footfall must be cleaned in every nook and cranny. Kärcher offers quick-drying cleaning solutions for all surfaces in the shop, office areas and sanitary facilities that prevent the risk of slipping.


Hygiene guaranteed.

Bakeries must be cleaned to the high standards required by the food industry. Kärcher guarantees an impeccable level of hygiene. And to ensure that your customers can always be served, cleaning can be incorporated into normal work processes.


Easy vacuuming.

Since cold chains and frozen chains cannot be broken, Kärcher provides powerful solutions for vacuuming meltwater and liquids from cooling appliances while they are switched on.


Invitingly clean on the forecourt.

The first impression is what counts. Especially on the forecourt, which is your customers' first point of contact as they fill up their tank. With Kärcher, you can keep your petrol station looking spotless. Our powerful machines hygienically clean petrol pumps, keep roadways free from grease and prevent them from becoming slippery, and ensure that facilities are swept clean. This means that customers will want to come back to your petrol station again and again.

Grease-free roadways

Oil marks and sooty dirt on the forecourt are constant hazards. Kärcher recommends using surface cleaners for high-pressure cleaners to remove dirt over large areas.


Constantly clean systems.

Using electrically powered high-pressure cleaners, you can safely and effectively clean petrol pumps, signs and waste hoppers.


Clean large areas effortlessly.

Whether for leaves, road dirt or gravel: Kärcher offers innovative sweeping solutions for large areas. The efficient dustpan principle, for example, reduces sweeping effort and minimises dust generation.


Well-kept car wash.

With Kärcher you can clean your car wash while ensuring that its value is preserved, as no hydrofluoric acid is used that will damage the tiles. Moreover, the composition of the cleaning agent means that no harmful chemicals end up in the service water.


Expand your business through selling and renting.

A petrol station's core business has changed from just selling fuel to providing an extensive range of services. That's why additional services like renting specialist cleaning machines for private households, selling cleaning agents, as well as other cleaning services are now an important competitive advantage in the highly competitive petrol station market. With its extensive product range and recognised cleaning quality, Kärcher will help you find ways to increase your business – and turnover.

Marketing partner.

Excellent advice from the word go: Kärcher offers extensive merchandising support by providing displays and marketing material, as well as expert assistance in creating your range.


Outstanding quality.

Tested and approved: the superior quality of all of our machines is demonstrated by the excellent results achieved in various tests. Millions of satisfied customers the world over are a testament to reliable cleaning performance and outstanding customer service. Make the most of this positive image for your business.


Customer service through training.

If you can answer customers' questions in depth, you are guaranteed to improve your sales. That's why Kärcher offers training sessions at the Kärcher Academy, where you can pick up practical tips on using cleaning agents and get expert advice on how to operate all systems smoothly.