No matter how old your vehicle is, make it WOW again. Using the interior and exterior cleaning agents for cars and motorcycles from Kärcher you have the 360 degree solution to keep your car clean.


All-round Vehicle Care

A freshly cleaned car feels better. It looks like new, smells great and actually lasts longer due to soiling not only causing a bad appearance, but damaging the vehicle in the long term. The tried and tested Kärcher cleaning and care products provide a shiny look and long-lasting care.


Rims, discs, paint and more – everything you need to clean all areas of your car has been thought of with the Kärcher cleaning and care products. As well as exterior, there is also an optimal solution for every component in the interior. With it, windows remain streak-free, stains disappear and plastics regain their colour. So everything looks good, smells good and feels good.


So get in and feel WOW.


Sara: 16 Years Old, Daring and Fearless

Do you hear Sara's roaring off-road motorcycle? She started her sport at the age of 3 and this young European champion already challenges the best of the best, with a clear goal in mind to become the next world champion. Thanks to her focused commitment and father's guidance - nothing stands in the way of Sara.

Bring Back The WOW To Your Vroom.


Floyd: The Golden Age of Personal Luxury

Floyd is a real classic car king and likes to celebrate it his own way. After seeing many parts of the world, he settled in the seventies with the love of his life, the Ford T-Bird – a powerful , very elegant convertible classic. Since then, Floyd has cherished and cared for his 4-wheeled jewel and still roars through the streets in his T-Bird.

Bring Back The WOW To 1963.


Ben: He Loves Games and Speed

Ben started working on cars when he was 17 and fell in love with the legendary R1 Titan.  He decided to import the Titan from Japan to the UK and tuned it himself to look exactly like it did in his favourite game, Gran Turismo. You could even say better, as Ben has won many tuning competitions since then.

Bring Back The WOW To Your Baby.

Sara's tools

1. For Sara, cleaning the motorbike is a matter for after every ride. After all, she needs to rely on the function of all components at all times. Once the bike has cooled down, she sprays the bike cleaner on the particularly dirty parts such as the side cover and mudguard before letting it take effect. The gel formula ensures the cleaning agent stays in place for a particularly long time to get the best clean possible.

2. To wash, Sara connects the 3-in-1 Car Shampoo to her high-pressure washer and applies the cleaning agent to her motorcycle from bottom to top at low pressure. Sara then rinses under high pressure with clear water from top to bottom, with the paint cared and protected for additionally to the cleaning effect by the wax it contains. However, if there is a particularly sensitive part, Sara will mix car shampoo with water in a bucket and clean carefully with a sponge.

3. Sara regularly chooses the Ultra Foam Cleaner to assist if intensive cleaning is necessary. A high-pressure washer and foam nozzle are used to create a stable, adhesive foam and thus removing oil, road and salt contamination powerfully and efficiently.

4. If particularly intensive cleaning is necessary, Sara opts for the Ultra Foam Cleaner , which uses a high-pressure cleaner and foam nozzle to create a stable, adhesive foam and thus removes oil, road and salt contamination particularly powerfully and efficiently.

Floyd's tools


1. Floyd begins by vacuuming the car interior with a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. He then opts for the interior cleaner with odour remover, ensuring cleanliness and a fresh smell in the vehicle. Floyd removes dirt from the cockpit, door panels etc. and removes stains from textile surfaces.

2. Cleaning and maintenance go hand in hand. In order to protect the plastic surfaces in the car from fading and breakage, he rubs the cockpit care product in a satin finish with a soft cloth. Cockpit care protects against UV radiation and gives the plastic its satin gloss back. It is particularly practical as the antistatic effect delays re-soiling, keeping it clean for longer.

3. Fingerprints and streaks on windows and mirrors don't look nice and can disturb the view when driving. Therefore, Floyd sprays the car glass cleaner onto a lint-free, soft cloth and removes all stains and streaks. The product can also be effective in loosening and wiping off nicotine veils.

Ben's tools


1. Shiny wheel rims are a must. This is done by Ben through evenly spraying his rims with acid-free Rim Cleaner, before leaving for a short exposure time where the cleaning agent will turn purple on the rim. This result will show that it has reacted with brake dust or other dirt.

2. Especially in the summer months, but all year round, insect residues can damage the paintwork and wiper blades. That is why Ben sprays the front of his car with insect remover, allowing residue to be rinsed off after a short exposure time.

3. To continue his clean he uses the particularly rich car shampoo with a high-pressure washer, although sometimes manually. Ben makes sure that the vehicle is dried well afterwards to avoid water stains.

4. Everything has to shine: After the paint has been cleaned, the wax polish can gives the appearance the final touch. Fine scratches become evened out, the colour is refreshed and the wax also protects against the weather. Finally, Ben uses the car glass cleaner to ensure streak-free cleanliness of windows and mirrors, whilst also giving the polycarbonate headlight lenses their final touches.

5. Finally, Ben uses the car glass cleaner to ensure streak-free cleanliness of windows and mirrors and thus the right perspective. The polycarbonate headlight lenses are also given their final touches.

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