Kärcher pumps joy into your garden. Whether you supply your home and garden with service water from alternative water sources or wish to pump away unwanted water quickly and easily, Kärcher offers a pump for every requirement and area of use. The submersible pumps are capable of removing unwanted water or water that is no longer needed: before spring cleaning in the pool or after a flood in the basement.

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Wischtrocken abpumpen

Pump dry, wipe dry

After folding in the feet, the flat-suction submersible pumps pump down to 1 mm.

Individuelles Schaltniveau

Individual switching level

The switching level can be continuously adjusted by simply moving the level sensor.

Praktische Schnellverbindung

Practical quick connection

Quick and uncomplicated hose handling thanks to Quick Connect.

Flexible 2in1 Funktion

Flexible 2-in-1 function

The SP 5 Dual transports dirt particles and optionally sucks up the last millimeter in a few simple steps.


Practical fabric tube

The flexible fabric hose with stainless steel hose clamp and wing screw can be connected without tools and stowed away to save space.


Reliably compatible

Spiral and garden hoses are ideal for connecting to all Kärcher pumps.


Well connected

With adapters and connections from Kärcher, the hoses can be easily and safely connected to the respective pump.


Perfectly equipped

The removable pre-filter increases the functional reliability of your submersible pump and protects the pump impeller from clogging.


Pump Range

Submersible flat suction pumps

Submersible dirty water pumps



Here you can extend the warranty for your BP Home & Garden and SP Dirt, SP Dual and SP Flat to 5 years!


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