Our push sweepers provide the answer to proud gardeners who are keen to see outstanding results on all hard surfaces, from paths and driveways to patios and decking.

Benefits of sweepers.

Easy to use: Effortless sweeping, entirely without the need for force or exertion.

Easy handling push sweeper

Easy to fold up: The convenient step surface makes it possible to set up the sweeper without having to bend over.

Easy storage

Flexible and convenient: The push handles of the sweepers are height-adjustable and can be completely folded down if necessary.

Flexible and comfortable push sweeper


S 4 Twin

Sweeping made easy.

Sorry, dear physiotherapists, yoga teachers and manufacturers of heat plasters. Now sweeping will no longer cause back problems, and will even be fun. With our sweepers, cleaning the yard and pavement is made effortless. It is not only easier, but also five times faster than with a broom..



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