More than street cleaning machines, Kärcher’s sweepers and municipal implement carriers are adaptable for a range of applications, from sweeping to grass cutting to clearing snow, our municipal range delivers outstanding results in ultimate comfort.

Municipal Sweepers: Perfect for all surfaces.

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Clever and Convenient Sweeping

Unique suction system

High-Performace Suction System

A straight 150mm wide suction tube, in conjuntion with the water circulation system, helps to contain dust and enables any blockages to be removed quickly.

Suction power in your hands

Wander Hose

The 4.5m flexible suction hose allows light waste to be easily vacuumed away where the machine may not be able to reach. 


Everything up and out

Convenient Hopper Emptying

Easily and fully empty the contents of the sweeper's hopper directly into a container or composting area from the comfort and safety of the driver's seat thanks to the 145cm hydraulic lift.


Sweep better with a third brush

Third Side Brush

Extend the sweeping reach to 2 metres and effortlessly remove dirt and debris from gutters, kerb sides and under benches.

Winter Maintenance

Spreading system

Spreading Systems

Keep paths and roads safe from slip and skid hazards with the disc-spreader (larger areas) or roller distributor (pathways) attachments.  

Snow thrower - in combination with rear spreader

Snow Thrower

With working widths of 1-1.6m and capable of clearing high and hard snow, the snow thrower attachments can move up to 120 l / min with an adjustable throw distance of up to 25m. 


Snow plough

Snow Plough

Whether clearing footpaths or removing snow from a car park – with the Vario snow plough, the driver can react individually and flexibly to snow volumes and the locality.


Snow chains for optimal grip

Snow Chains

Designed to keep you moving even in the harshest conditions, snow chains ensure better traction in snow and slush.

Municipal Implement Carriers: More than just a sweeper

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Washing and Watering

Compact washig sytem

Street Washing System

Effectively wash down and clean sports grounds and small parks with the water spray attachment. It can also be used for spraying brine in winter months. 

High pressure cleaner with hose

On-Board Pressure Washer 

Ideal for cleaning machines and containers or spot cleaning of bus stops and bins - a perfect partner with the washing or watering system.


medium washing system


Scrub and sweep in one - the scrubdeck is the ideal match for maintenance and basic cleaning of large areas. 

watering system

Irrigation and Watering System

Keep your flowers vibrant and green spaces healthy - easily and conveniently. The spray lance is available with the sprinkler and point jet attachments. 

Grounds Care

Mowing with large container

Mower (with Container)

Quickly and easily change from sweeping to mowing mode and keep on top of your green spaces. The cuttings are collected and stored in the hopper leaving nothing behind but great results. 


Compact flail mower

Flail Mower 

Remove overgrown roadside greenery with ease. In addition the standard flail mower, the extended mower can be used on both sides with a reach of up to 3.5 metres. 

Hedge shears - implement carrier on implement carrier

Hedge Shears

Mounted on the extension arm, attachments including hedge shears, flail mower and pruning shears easily control and meaintain the appearance of your trees, hedges and brushes.


Large flail mower

Large Flail Mower

Easily and cleanly cut through high grass and uncontrolled growth thhanks to the cup blade and high power of the axial piston hydraulic motor.


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