When there is no plug nearby: Kärcher's battery-powered, mobile cleaning solutions push the boundaries of outdoor cleaning in both the medium and low pressure range.

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Adventure Box

Walks in the wilds may bring great fun, but they sometimes leave an even bigger mess. The Mobile Outdoor Cleaner with Adventure Box from Kärcher has the perfect solution. With its lithium ion battery, detachable 4-litre water tank and dedicated accessories, it washes the mud, dirt and sand from boots and buggies – before they can soil your car and home. Making it the ideal companion for any family outing.

Bike Box

Cleaning a bike can feel like scaling a mountain, but with the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner with Bike Box it’s downhill all the way. The spray gun safely washes dirt from sensitive parts, while a multipurpose brush attachment removes tougher grime – leaving your spokes, frame and treads looking great. The box comes complete with an integrated lithium ion battery, detachable 4-litre water tank, detergent and microfibre cloth.

Pet Box

It's a dog's life. Every outing ends with you cleaning your fourlegged friends – or your car and carpets. With its animal-friendly, low-pressure showerhead, the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner with Pet Box gently removes dirt and mud on the spot. And thanks to its integrated lithium ion battery and detachable water tank, can clean the puppies too. Give your dog a good name with the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner.


The Mobile Outdoor Cleaner can be optimally augmented with a variety of special accessories and accessory kits. The adventure, bike and pet accessory box provide the right equipment to improce your mobile cleaning results.

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