Watering & Irrigation Systems

Kärcher has reinvented rain. Kärcher's extensive range of watering equipment will delight garden lovers. Kärcher offers sprayers, guns, sprinklers, hoses, water timers, hose connectors and storage systems that are tailored for maximum efficiency, for unadulterated enjoyment of the garden in harmony with nature.

Kärcher  Automatic watering

Automatic watering

Even when you are on holiday, you do not have to worry about your garden: Water timers from Kärcher regulate your watering system precisely according to plan.

Kärcher  Kärcher Rain System™

Kärcher Rain System

The Kärcher Rain System® is the perfect complement to hedges, bushes, vegetable patches and flowerbeds. The water is sprinkled exactly where it's needed and nothing is wasted – which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Kärcher  Nozzles and spray lances

Nozzles and spray lances

An absolute winner: Kärcher garden sprayers and spray lances impress with their ergonomic design and high level of operating comfort. You can adjust the spraying pattern as required.

Kärcher  Sprinklers


Watering all the way into the furthest corner: Thanks to our wide range of circular sprinklers, you will always find the right solution for any garden, whether large or small, level or sloped.

Kärcher  Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connection, coupling, decoupling and repairing: Kärcher offers the right connecting pieces for all available click systems and standard hose diameters.

Kärcher  Hoses


Kärcher garden hoses are extremely flexible, robust and resistant to kinks. So nothing stands in the way of garden care!

Kärcher  Hose Storage and Hose Trolley

Hose Storage and Hose Trolley

New freedom of movement: Now that the hose can be moved effortlessly from A to B on the hose trolley, the chore of dragging it through the garden is no longer necessary.

A range for all your Watering needs

Rain System T connector

Customised watering

Easy to install, the Kärcher Rain System® hose and trickle hose can be used in any combination for any size of garden.

Efficient drip irrigation

Efficient drip irrigation

Consistent watering for all of your plants with the Kärcher trickle hose. Suitable for areas up to 50m in length.

Rain System drip nozzle

Drip Nozzles

Drip nozzle with volume regulation for targeted watering directly to the base of the plants.

Area watering

Spray Nozzles

Micro spray nozzles with three different spray patterns (360°, 180° and 90°) and adjustable water volumes.

Compatible watering units

Oscillating sprinkler

Oscillating sprinkler

Continuously adjustable watering coverage up to a maximum area of 320 m².

Kärcher Rain System

Kärcher Rain System®

A controlled watering system that can be tailored to any size garden.

Pulse sprinkler

Pulse, circular and sector sprinkler

Watering areas of 30 - 360°.

Multi-purpose surface cleaner

Multifunctional surface sprinkler

Six different watering patterns covering up to 78m²


Makes environmental sense

Kärcher's intelligent and efficient technology, as well as products designed to work in perfect unison, allow you to work responsibly with natural resources. By extending the eco!ogic range to include garden products, Kärcher has demonstrated its sense of ecological responsibility for its latest products. Of special importance here is the removal of the stand-by mode and the addition of the maximum-efficiency watering control system.

Pikto Strom

Save energy

Long-lasting and comfortable to use, Kärcher premium-quality pumps are ideal for exploiting alternative water sources. The pumps switch on and off again as needed. Multi-stage pumps provide more power and efficiency with less operating noise. They use 30% less energy than conventional jet pumps while producing the same output.

Pikto Wasser

Save water

The SensoTimer water timer with radio-based moisture sensors represents intelligent and efficient watering technology. The moisture level of the soil is transmitted every 30 minutes and the watering system only starts if it is actually required. To avoid duplicated watering, the sensor measures the level of moisture near ground level. Thanks to the eco!ogic function, watering can be delayed if required, allowing you to save more water.

Pikto Performance

Responsible material selection

Kärcher attaches great importance to selecting materials carefully, being mindful of environmental impact and avoiding substances that damage the environment and harm human health, such as phthalates and heavy metals. Kärcher Performance hoses offer premium quality and stand out due to their robust, flexible and kink-resistant qualities.

Pikto Umwelt

Targeted watering

The Kärcher Rain System® adapts to your plants' exact needs and is the perfect complement to hedges, bushes, vegetable patches and flowerbeds. The water is sprinkled exactly where it's needed and nothing is wasted – which is good for the environment and your wallet. The uniform pressure distribution ensures that stretches of up to 50 metres long have even water distribution. If necessary, you can even set different volumes of water for different areas.



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