Hose reels and carts

Our state-of-the-art hose carts ensure quick winding and unwinding for easy use and storage. Nothing gets in the way of caring for your garden!

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No matter what you’re looking to do in your garden, here at Kärcher we know that you want to do a good job. That’s why we have all the hoses, hose reels and hose reel carts you need to get the garden of your dreams.

Our range of hose reels come in multiple lengths and diameters so you can find one to suit the size of your garden perfectly. Our metal trolleys and hose reel carts provide safe and convenient storage that keeps your garden looking beautiful whilst caring for the condition of your hose. Using a hose reel cart also stops loose hoses from posing a trip hazard to you or your family and offers an easier way to get your hose reel exactly where you need it thanks to manoeuvrable trolleys that can be wheeled into the perfect spot for watering or garden maintenance.

Our Kärcher hose reels are also made from high quality materials to guarantee great results that last and ensure fast winding so you can extend and retract the length of hose you need without breaking a sweat.

Intelligent garden equipment that makes light work of even the toughest watering and garden maintenance jobs, choose a Kärcher hose reel, trolley or cart today and give yourself a garden to be proud of.

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