The Electric Wipe Mop offers a more hygienic, resourceful and trouble-free alternative to a traditional mop-and-bucket when cleaning hard floors around your home. Whilst using only clean, fresh water to mop your floors, the EWM range also pick up dirty water afterwards, leaving floors dry in only 2 minutes. With a battery life of up to 20 minutes, Kärcher's cordless Electric Wipe Mops allow you to effortlessly clean hard floors around your home without the hassle of cables getting in your way.


Get a pair of stone floor cleaning rollers FREE when you purchase the EWM 2 Plus Stone Electric Wiping Mop. This offer is only available when you buy exclusively from karcher.co.uk

  • The two-piece stone roller set is the perfect tool for thoroughly cleaning resistant hard floors. Thanks to the woven nylon bristles and abrasive strips, the stone roller set removes stubborn dirt extremely easily and makes even crevices and uneven surfaces gleam.

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With Kärcher's SmartRoller Technology, water from the fresh water tank is fed into the microfibre rollers which rotate at 500rpm, removing strenuous, manual effort from cleaning your floors. An integrated blade helps to remove the dirty water collected, and contains it in the dirty water tank meaning only fresh water is used to clean the floor.

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  • 20% better cleaning performance than a conventional mop.*
  • With no cables to worry about, the EWM 2 gives you unlimited manoeuvrability to make wiping a breeze.
  • Get every inch of the floor sparkling clean with a unique roller design that lets you clean right to the edge of the skirting boards and cupboards.
  • This machine saves up to 90% of water compared to a mop and bucket by automatically distributing the perfect amount of water onto the rollers.**
  • Leave floors dry in just 2 minutes thanks to dirty water removal blades and super-absorbent microfibre rollers.
  • A twin-tank water system means clean and dirty water are kept separate at all times.

Advantages that make the difference

Fc 3 Cordless Animation

Always freshly wiped thanks to self-cleaning technology

  • Continuous roller wetting with fresh water
  • The dirt/water mixture collected goes directly to the dirty water tank
  • 20% better cleaning performance*


FC 3 Cordless Living room

Easy to use under furniture

  • Slimline product design and floor head with swivel joint
  • Effortless cleaning under furniture and around objects
  • Cleaning right up to the edge – for excellent results in corners and along edges
Different hard floors

Suitable for all hard floors

  • Suitable for all hard floors – including parquet, laminate, stone, tiles and plastic
  • Low residual moisture means that floors can be walked on again after approximately two minutes
  • Large range of detergents and care agents


Fc 3 Cordless Stairs

Maximum freedom of movement

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery with a run time of 20 minutes
  • Clean independently of a power outlet
  • Three-stage LED display acts as an intuitive battery level indicator
FC 3 Cordless Effortless

Effortless wiping

  • Forward-rotating rollers mean no more tiresome scrubbing
  • Carrying around a bucket of water is a thing of the past thanks to the fresh and dirty water tanks
  • The rollers' self-cleaning function means that the floor cleaning cloth no longer has to be wrung out


FC 3 Cordless Water savings


  • 90% water savings** – compared to cleaning with a conventional mop and bucket.


Application steps

Accessories and Detergents

No matter the type of your hard floor, Kärcher has you covered with accessories and detergents, specially designed to clean and provide additional care a protection around your home. From wood and lino floors to hard stone, Kärcher offer different rollers and detergents to help you get the job done to the highest standard.


Whether wooden, tiled or carpet, Kärcher has the right products to keep your floors looking fresh and new. Explore our Steam Cleaners, Hard Floor Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners and so much more...

*The Kärcher floor cleaner achieves a 20 per cent better cleaning performance compared to a conventional mop with wiping cloth cover in the "Wiping" test category.
Refers to average test results for cleaning efficiency, dirt pick-up and edge cleaning.

**The EWM 2 (consumption: 0.4 l) uses 90% less water compared to a conventional wiping mop and bucket filled with 5 litres of water (consumption: 5.0 l) when cleaning a floor area of 60 m².