The EWM 2 Electric Wiping Mop

Lightweight and convenient, the Kärcher EWM 2 Electric Wipe Mop makes light work of wiping all your sealed hard floors, including laminate, wood, tile and stone.

  • With no cables to worry about, you have complete freedom to clean all around the house, quickly and efficiently.
  • Designed to let you clean right up to skirting boards and around furniture, this machine leaves your floors dry in just two minutes and gives you 20 minutes of powerful cleaning on one charge.
  • As you move across the room, the EWM’s super-absorbent rollers pick up all of the dirty water and debris, it is then removed into a separate dirty water tank, meaning the fresh water stays clean as it's fed onto the self-rotating rollers - much more hygienic than a mop and bucket.

Stone Rollers

The two-piece stone roller set is the perfect tool for thoroughly cleaning resistant hard floors. Thanks to the woven nylon bristles and abrasive strips, the stone roller set removes stubborn dirt extremely easily and makes even crevices and uneven surfaces gleam. Suitable for machine washing up to 60 °C.

Karcher EWM 2 Stone Roller Set

Karcher EWM 2 Plus Stone Electric Wiping Mop


Our EWM 2 Electric Wiping Mops come already equipt with a cleaning/ docking station, 500ml of universal floor detergent and 30ml of stone floor detergent. As well as our universal cleaning rollers and a battery charger. 

Karcher EWM 2 Plus Stone Electric Wiping Mop


With a powerful lithium-ion battery and a 20 minute run time monitored by a three-stage LED display, you can clean around the house freely without the annoyance of any wires. Plus, the slimline product design and swivel joing on the head allows you to clean effortlessly under furniture and harder to reach areas. 

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