Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set

Battery and fast charger included: the battery powered hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set. Its 180° rotating handle and the cuttings sweeper ensure convenient hedge cutting.

No more tired shoulders and arms when working: Thanks to the 180° rotating handle, the battery powered hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set provides a comfortable working position at all times, for example when making vertical cuts. In addition, the battery hedge trimmer features a number of practical functions. The two-hand safety circuit prevents the device from being started unintentionally. The saw function makes cutting thicker branches a breeze. And the cuttings sweeper attachment transports the hedge cuttings, which would otherwise land in the hedge, directly along the ground. The blade on the battery hedge trimmer is diamond-ground and therefore leaves behind precise cutting results. The additional blade protector with integrated lifting eye protects buildings, floors and the blade itself from damage – and enables the device to be hung up on the wall to save space. One battery and a fast charger are included in the scope of supply.

Features and benefits
Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set: Rotatable rear handle
Rotatable rear handle
The handle can be rotated by 180° in multiple increments to provide a comfortable working position.
Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set: Hedge broom
Hedge broom
Conveniently sweeps the hedge cuttings which would normally fall into the hedge along the ground in front of the user.
Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set: Saw function
Saw function
Particularly practical for hedges with occasional thicker branches.
Diamond-ground blade
  • The blade ensures a precise cutting result.
Ergonomic handle design
  • For a pleasant and secure hold also during longer work periods.
Control guard
  • Protects the blade and prevents damage to buildings and floors.
  • With integrated suspension for practical wall storage.
2-hand safety circuit
  • Against unintentional start of the hedge trimmer.
18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform
  • Real Time Technology with LCD battery display: remaining running time, remaining charging time and battery capacity.
  • Long-lasting and powerful thanks to lithium-ion cells.
  • The exchangeable battery can be used in all other 18 V Kärcher Battery Power platform devices.

Technical data

Battery powered device
Battery platform 18 V battery platform
Cutting length (cm) 50
Tooth spacing (mm) 22
Speed regulation no
Blade speed 2700
Blade type Punched, diamond-ground
Battery type Lithium-ion replacement battery
Voltage (V) 18
Capacity (Ah) 2.5
Performance per battery charge * (m) max. 325 (2.5 Ah) / max. 650 (5.0 Ah)
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 40 (2.5 Ah) / max. 80 (5.0 Ah)
Battery charging time with fast charger 80%/100% (min) 44 / 83
Charging current (A) 2.5
Power supply for battery charger (V/Hz) 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight without accessories (kg) 2.9
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 5.8
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 970 x 213 x 188

* Hedge height: 1 m, one side cutting


  • Variant: Battery and charger included
  • Battery: 18 V / 2.5 Ah Battery Power battery (1 pc.)
  • Battery charger: 18 V Battery Power fast charger (1 pc.)
  • Handle: rotatable
  • Saw function
  • Control guard
  • Blade guard
  • Hanging storage loop
  • Hedge broom
Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set
Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set
Battery hedge trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set
Application areas
  • Hedges, bushes
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