Battery wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Unlimited freedom – whether in the garden shed, in the car or on the patio: The versatile 18 V/36 V cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners are declaring war on any dirt, and combine the advantages of battery wet vacuum cleaners and battery dry vacuum cleaners. Whether on wet or dry dirt, the Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery means that the devices are ready to use at any time – even if there is no power outlet nearby. And, for even greater flexibility, the batteries can also be used in other devices on the 18 V or 36 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform.



Absolutely no cables for absolute freedom. With no more cables holding it back, your WD 3-18 knows no limits. So why should you? Carry on to your heart’s desire across your home and far away from it, thanks to the real-time technology that always lets you know how much battery and time you have left. And like we’ve already accustomed you – whether wet or dry, coarse or fine, inside or outside – it simply does not matter. The superior suction power in the WD Battery range and the effective, residue-free dirt removal on all floor surfaces will bring back the WOW all around, all the time.



Maximum freedom of movement and immediately ready for use

Need to vacuum clean a car with no power outlet nearby? Water bottle dropped on the floor? This is no problem thanks to the battery WD devices: Cordless wet vacuum cleaner and dry vacuum cleaner in one device.



18 V Kärcher Battery Power

WD 1 Compact Battery Set

Voltage: 18 V
Rated input power: 230 W
Container capacity: 7 l
Battery run time: Approx. 10 min*
Weight without accessories: 3.1 kg
Crevice nozzle: Yes
Upholstery nozzle: Yes
Floor nozzle: No
Battery charger included: Battery Power 18 V standard charger
Battery included: 18 V/2.5 Ah

* Maximum performance with an 18 V/2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery

Need to quickly vacuum your car? No problem! Thanks to the special accessories for interior car cleaning and compact design, the battery wet and dry vacuum cleaner on the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform impresses with its versatility and pushes the boundaries of cleaning. A miniature powerhouse!

36 V Kärcher Battery Power

WD 3 Battery Set

Voltage: 36 V
Rated input power: 300 W
Container capacity: 17 l 
Battery run time: Approx. 15 min*
Weight without accessories: 5.2 kg
Crevice nozzle: Yes
Upholstery nozzle: No
Floor nozzle: Yes
Battery charger included: Battery Power 36 V standard charger
Battery included: 36 V/2.5 Ah

* Maximum performance with an 36 V/2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery

More freedom of movement than ever before, but with extra suction power! The WD 3 Battery dry and wet vacuum cleaner offers cordless freedom while still enjoying full functionality. Whether the dirt is coarse, fine, wet or dry – the WD 3 Battery can pick it all up.

Kärcher Battery Power battery platform