Pet Accessory Box

With the Pet box‘s optimally tailored accessories, pets and dog paws can be cleaned effortlessly, anywhere. 

The box of accessories includes a conical jet nozzle, which is ideal for cleaning pets such as dogs or even just for their paws. A fur-cleaning brush which enables you to remove even the most stubborn, simply brush the dirt out of your animals fur. A high-quality microfibre cloth is also included, for drying off dogs and other pets after cleaning and washing. All the accessories fit in the box supplied, which can be attached to the portable cleaner. Excludes OC3 portable cleaner machine.

Features and benefits
Accessory box
  • Can be clipped onto the bottom so that everything is securely stored.
Cone Jet
  • Produces a gentle shower stream.
Fur cleaning brush
  • Removes stubborn dirt from your animal's fur.
Special microfibre cloth
  • For drying pets after washing them.

Technical data

Fiber composition textile 80 % Polyester, 20 % Polyamid
Weight (kg) 0.7
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.9
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 229 x 221 x 108

Scope of supply

  • Storage box
  • Fur cleaning brush
  • Pet Towel
  • Cone jet spray nozzle
Compatible machines