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With simple chain tensioning, automatic chain lubrication and powerful cutting performance, the Kärcher battery chain saws achieve excellent results with convenient operation.

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Easily adjustable without the need for tools

Effortlessly adjust the chain tensioning using the rotary knob.

Battery Chain saw settings

Automatic chain oiling

This machine is low-maintenance with its handy features such as automatic bar and chain oiling system which lubricates during use.

Automatic chain lubrication

Extended lifetime

A highly durable machine equipped with a brushless motor for an extended lifetime.

Battery chain saw brushless motor

18 V Kärcher Battery Power

CNS 18-30

CNS 18-30 Battery

Easy to handle, versatile in use and perfect for tree maintenance: The lightweight battery chain saw CNS 18-30 Battery with tool-less chain tensioning system.

Voltage: 18 V
Bar length: 30 cm
Chain speed: 10 m/s
Oil tank capacity: 200 ml
Performance per battery charge*: 70 cuts (10 cm diameter)
Tool-less chain tensioning: Yes
Automatic chain lubrication: Yes
Brushless motor: Yes

* Maximum performance with an 18 V/5.0 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery.