Clearing up spills

Cleaning up spills from floors and worktops is quick and easy with the Karcher Window vac, and so much less hassle than cloths and paper towels.

How to clear up spills

Follow these four easy steps to tackle any spills liquid in your home

Clearing up spilled wine

Everyday spills like a glass of wine are commonplace and a pain to clean up with cloths and kitchen towels.

Cleaning spills

There’s a better way! Just grab your Kärcher Window Vac and suck the surface dry with a simple swipe.

Emptying your window vac

When the dirty water tank is full, simply undo the plug and empty the tank, replacing the plug when finished.

Window vac replacement blades

Top tip: If the rubber blades on your Window Vac are getting a bit worn, you can buy replacement ones from our website.

Window Vac Replacement Blades

large window vac replacement blades

Large replacement Window Vac blades

Replacement Window Vac blades for your large suction head. 

small window vac replacement blades

Small replacement Window Vac blades

Small Window Vac blades for your narrow suction head.

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