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Product Reviews

We have teamed up with some of the top lifestyle, gardening, homes and parenting bloggers from across the UK and challenged them to put our products to the test. Witness firsthand the before and after cleaning power of Kärcher, and experience how time-shy parents and keen gardeners handle those everyday chores, from tackling bathroom tiles to sprucing up the driveway.

Mummy Barrow

Hello, and welcome to my corner of the world wide interweb. I have started blogging as the 140 characters on Twitter were not longer enough and as I have so much to say that people increasingly suggested I blog. That was 2011 and I haven’t looked back... read more

WV2 Review

No fuss. No effort. No chemicals. You simply wash the windows, literally, with a wet cloth (I also used a tiny dot of washing up liquid) not worrying at all about the amount of water, or any streaks and then you turn the Karcher Window Vac and simply suck up all the water. As it removes the water it ensures a streak free result... read more

K4 Compact Review

This is the piece of kit I was really hoping would be included in the five pieces I was to be sent over the year by Karcher for review. I have never owned an “outdoor, attach it to the hose and clean EVERYTHING” jet wash before. So when this turned up a couple of weeks ago it was a joyous day... read more

SC1 Review

There are very few things you can’t use it to clean. All just by using steam so if you have anybody with allergies to harsh chemicals used in cleaning products this is the perfect gadget to have around your house so you can ditch the contents of the cupboard under your sink... read more

Tidy Away Today

Hi, my name is Antonia, I live with my husband and our three sons aged 13, 9 and 6 in Sale, Cheshire.

I began blogging in 2012 and in 2013 year was a Home Interiors finalist at the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards. I was thrilled and very proud that Tidy Away Today was Highly Commended, here I am receiving my award from the Cosmo and Next team... read more

WV2 Review

The Kärcher window vac totally impressed me. It is neat in size, so you can easily handle it – it is not at all heavy or cumbersome – and also find a shelf to store it on. The only assembly that is required is slotting the end with the rubber blade into the unit... read more

Rain Box Review

Running with up to 4 bar pressure, the Kärcher Rain Box System is suitable for any garden space as it can be individually adapted to suit your needs. It works perfectly with the SensoTimer for ultimate watering control and although we don’t have a timer on our system, we have found it to be a great addition to the garden... read more

SC1 Review

Prior to re-painting the wall, radiator and skirting board in a section of the kitchen which is my little workspace, I was able to give the space a really good deep clean, thanks to the Steam Stick. It was ideal for getting right into the corner, prior to painting – I don’t know about you, but getting fluff and dust on a paint brush is the most annoying thing... read more

Little House on the Corner

Hi, we are Christine and Jan and yes, we live in the Little House On The Corner. Together we’re the dynamic duo of DIY. We think that any job worth doing, is worth doing well. We believe that you don’t have to have a massive bank balance to create a home you love. We’re not perfect… (psst. don’t tell anyone). We love a perfectly organised, clean and tidy home – it just usually isn’t ours! Keep an open mind, its all a work in progress around here... read more

Rain Box Review

Over the last few months we’ve been busy improving our outdoor space. We’ve added turf, built a fence (we’ll be sharing the reveal on Friday) and, thanks to Kärcher, we now we have a fancy new garden irrigation system. As part of our role as Kärcher ambassadors, we’ve been lucky enough to receive some fab products to review and our newest product – the Kärcher Rain Box – is no exception. It’s a basically a kit that allows you to easily and efficiently water your garden... read more

K4 Compact Review

We love this pressure washer and we love that it comes with a surface cleaner attachment that made cleaning the patio really easy and much less dirty than just using the nozzle which inevitably tends to produce a lot of spray when you use it... read more

Tough Vac Review

Shortly after we moved in, we broke our vacuum cleaner so ever since buying a new one we’ve been super careful with what we vacuum up. Needless to say, with so much rubble and dirt around here, it’s more than annoying to have to be so careful and we’d end up sweeping most things by hand. But no longer as we have a fab new Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner thanks to Kärcher... read more

Bloggers with Karcher K2 pressure washer

The Middle Sized Garden

I’m Alexandra Campbell, an author, journalist and blogger. And I teach blogging and writing, in workshops or one-to-one.

I wrote my first published article – a finalist in the Catherine Pakenham Award – on my father’s typewriter... read more

K4 Review

The K4 arrived in its smart yellow livery, and I got Mr Middle-size to help me with unpacking it and reading the instructions. He doesn’t enjoy gardening, but nor does he trust me with any sort of machinery. He pronounced the K4 as ‘good solid German engineering.’ His degree is in engineering, so this is a compliment... read more

Window Vac Review

The WV2 was comfortable to use, solidly built and easy to hold. I will be using it more often, especially in the house, where we are far too lazy about our windows. If you’d like to see the Karcher vs cloth test in action, do check out my video... read more

Rain Box Review

The Rain Box is a long, strong hose that runs from your garden tap, behind shrubs or lightly dug into the soil. It ends in a number of spray nozzles that direct the water to exactly where you want it to go. Now I only need to turn on the tap to water the veg bed... read more

middle sized garden with pressure washer

Mummy's Little Monkey

I’m Jacqui – Mum to two lovely girls; Big Sis, born Summer 2008, and Lil Sis, born Autumn 2010. I was a features and travel journalist for 20 years, but now spend my days immersed in all things social media... read more

Window Vac Review

I hate chores. Hate them. Yet… there’s always been something strangely alluring about the Karcher Window Vac. I mean, come on, you’ve got to admit those adverts look pretty nifty – the one where the woman challenges the man to a ‘clean off’ and wins hands down because her window vacuum makes streak-free work of all those grimy panes... read more

Hello Baby

Hello Baby Blog is a new UK parenting and lifestyle blog focused on providing a wealth of inspiration for you and your little ones. Featuring photography, travel, style, reviews, musings on motherhood plus much more , I hope Hello Baby becomes your go-to for all things bump, baby and beyond... read more

K4 Compact Review

I was recently sent the K4 Compact Home Pressure Washer to review and we immediately put it to good use with exceptional results. Not only has it made our paving as good as new, it has also made a whole host of other cleaning jobs much easier and quicker; our garden furniture looks revived, our wheelie bins are sparkling and our cars look showroom ready... read more

Window Vac Review

First up we have been asked to review the Kärcher Window Vac WV2. This is one of those products that friends have always raved about but I have always been slightly skeptical. Why do I need to vacuum my windows when I can just Squeegee them?! But boy was I wrong. This unassuming little gadget, is brilliant... read more

Blogger using karcher window vac on windows

Ickle Pickle

When I started my blog on 1 February 2014 Pickle was a 15 month old baby boy. I write the blog through his eyes, trying to capture his perspective on life. He has two older sisters, born in 1996 and 1999 and an older brother born in 2002. We live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales... read more

SC1 Review

Mummy has tried so many different mops and systems to clean the kitchen floor, which does get really dirty, really quickly, and nothing has been as easy, quick or as good as this Karcher Steam Stick... read more

Window Vac

The Window Vac is the perfect size, not too big to hold comfortably, but big enough to clean easily. The water is emptied away through a little hole that has a rubber plug to undo easily... read more

K4 Compact Review

The K4 was so easy to use. The high pressure hose and gun click easily and quickly into place, we just needed a hose pipe to connect to a tap for the water. You can also use water from a tank or similar due to the machines ‘filter suction capacity.’... read more