WD 4 P Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags

The WD 4 P

Powerful and energy-efficient with 1000 W: The WD 4 P Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners' suction hose and switchable floor nozzle are optimally coordinated for the best cleaning results.

  • Wet, dry, fine or coarse dirt is removed non-stop without changing the filter.
  • The built-in power outlet with automatic on/off switch simplifies working with power tools.
  • The device comes with a robust and impact-resistant 20 l plastic container, a 6 metre cable, a 2.2 metre suction hose, switchable floor nozzle, flat pleated filter and 5 fleece filter bags.
  • Thanks to patented technology, the flat pleated filter in the device can be removed easily and quickly – without coming into contact with any dirt.
  • Where vacuuming is not possible, the additional blower function helps.
  • The removable handle allows accessories to be attached directly to the suction hose. The hose can be stored compactly on the device head. The tubes and floor nozzle are also quickly and conveniently parked on the bumper.
  • Other advantages include the "Pull & Push" locking system for easy opening and closing of the container, as well as an ergonomically shaped carrying handle for conveniently transporting the device.

Karcher WD 4 P Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Fleece Filter Bags and Power Tool Adapter

Get FOUR extra Fleece Filter Bags and a Power Tool Adapter FREE when you purchase the WD 4 P Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner. This offer is only available when you buy exclusively from karcher.co.uk

  • Get four extremely tear-resistant Fleece Filter Bags with a high dust retention rate. Suitable for Kärcher WD 4 Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners.
  • Also, an adapter for connecting the hose to the dust exhaust connection of power tools, such as jigsaws, grinders, drills, planes, etc. for clean DIY.

WD 4


The WD 4 comes with 1 fleece filter bag, a flat pleated filter and a crevice nozzle as standard. The standard model does not come with a power outlet like the WD 4 P, to connect efficiently to your power tools for clean DIY.

WD 4 P Power Adapter


The WD 4 P Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner not only connects to your power tools by the hose connecting to the dust exhaust, thanks to the Power Tool Adapter but, you can also connect the power cable to the machine so your power tools switch on and off whith your WD 4 P. 

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