Vacuum cleaners

T 12/1 header

T 12/1 eco!efficiency

Using a T 12/1 eco!efficiency saves energy and reduces energy costs.

  • up to 40% energy saving saves costs outstanding cleaning performance despite
  • energy saving
  • Extremely low noise level allows quiet cleaning 24/7 56 db(A)
  • Extra strong permanent filter enables vacuuming without filter bags, thereby saving costs on filter bags.
T 12/1

NT 35/1 Tact

The automatic Tact filter cleaning system not only ensures consistently high suction power, but a long filter life.

  • The flat pleated filter cleans itself with powerful blasts of air. Advantage: a much longer filter life than conventional filter systems.
  • As a result the filter only has to be replaced very rarely, saving both money and resources.
  • The flat pleated filter is also available made from rot-proof, washable polyester fleece and is therefore extremely durable, even for wet applications.
NT 35/1 Tact

Puzzi 8/1, 10/1, 10/2

For light dirt, just one cleaning agent tablet ensures a thorough clean.

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on light dirt with just one tablet.
  • The water-soluble packaging creates less waste.
  • Individual adjustment to the specific cleaning task with easy dosing.
  • Skin protection thanks to single packaging of the tablets.
Cleaning tablet

Puzzi 400 K

The spray volume can be adjusted from 5.5 l/min to 1 l/min depending on the cleaning task.

  • Spray volume can be adjusted to the cleaning task.
  • High water savings depending on the spray volume selected.
  • Reduced waste water pollution depending on the spray volume selected.
  • Textile surfaces dry more quickly when a lower spray volume is used.
Puzzi 400 K