Cold water for stubborn dirt. Clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily. With pressure and high capacity, Kärcher cold water pressure washers can also remove heavy dirt. Ideal for large surface areas.

Karcher Professional Cold Water Pressure Washers

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HD Super Class

For construction, agriculture, industry and municipal use - maximum power is needed. Pressure, flow rates and equipment in the super class are perfectly balanced.

HD Middle Class

Well equipped for long and heavy-duty use: Cold water high-pressure cleaners in the middle class clean machines, vehicles or company premises quickly and reliably.

HD Compact Class

Light and powerful: these compact, all-round-machines clean courtyards and workshops in next to no time. They excel with pressure, flow rate and working time.

HD Portable

The new Kärcher portable cold water high-pressure cleaners are lightweight and compact. These machines are easy to transport and the ideal mobile companion for all locations of use.

HD Cage

Powerful, robust and ideal for tough cleaning jobs on difficult terrain, our cold water Cage pressure washers are fitted with a sturdy frame and crane attachment point making them ideal for prolonged operating periods in construction, industry, agriculture, forestry and municipal.

HD Combustion Engine

Where there is no power source, high pressure cleaners with combustion engine – with optional biodiesel operation – offer maximum versatility and independence.


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