High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic

Compact and mobile HD 6/15 G Classic cold water high-pressure cleaner with petrol engine and robust crankshaft pump. Ideally suited for municipalities, construction and handicraft.

The compact HD 6/15 G Classic is the ideal entry-level machine for starting out in the world of petrol-powered, mobile cold water high-pressure cleaners from Kärcher. Extremely easily transportable in a car, it can complete even more demanding cleaning tasks, for example on construction sites or in municipalities, with a working pressure of up to 150 bar, a robust crankshaft pump and a water volume of up to 600 litres per hour. The integrated petrol engine (EU STAGE V) allows autonomy from external power sources, air-filled wheels guarantee the required mobility in its place of use, and the ergonomic push handle and the practical accessory storage ensures user-friendly handling. The components, protected through thermo and safety valves, are easily accessible. The stable tubular steel frame of the HD 6/15 G Classic also reliably prevents damage resulting from external mechanical effects.

Features and benefits
High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic: Independence
Allows independence of external power sources. Complies with the requirements of exhaust emissions standard EU STAGE V. Convenient manual pull start.
High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic: Outstanding mobility
Outstanding mobility
Large wheels with pneumatic tyres for uneven surfaces. For good mobility, easy transport and space-saving storage – fits in a standard car.
High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic: Durable and sturdy
Durable and sturdy
A robust tubular steel frame reliably protects the machine against damage. Thermostat valve to protect the pump from overheating in recirculation mode. Crankshaft pump with ceramic pistons.
Storage for accessories
  • Hose hook and accessory storage for simple storage and carrying.
  • Ergonomic grip and hose storage.

Technical data

Flow Rate (l/h) 600
Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 150 / 15
Max. Pressure (bar/MPa) 200 / 20
Water feed R 3/4″
Drive type Petrol
Motor type G200FA
number of simultaneous users 1
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 42.5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 43.6
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 878 x 538 x 702


  • Trigger gun: Standard
  • High-pressure hose: 10 m
  • Power nozzle
  • Cage frame
  • Crankshaft pump with ceramic pistons
High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic
High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic
High pressure cleaner HD 6/15 G Classic
Application areas
  • Construction
  • Ideal for building contractors, tradespeople, building service providers and local authorities
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