Vacuum sweeper KM 85/50 W Bp Pack 2SB

KM 85/50 W Bp Pack walk-behind vacuum sweeper supplied with battery and battery charger as standard for high area performance. With floating roller brush and large filter area.

The compact KM 85/50 W Bp Pack industrial walk-behind sweeper impresses with the outstanding equipment it comes supplied with ex works.For example, the machine comes with a disc brake, battery and compatible battery charger as standard. The large flat pleated filter with extremely effective cleaning using a dual scraper enables virtually dust-free working, while the floating roller brush produces outstanding cleaning results even when faced with poor floor conditions and large quantities of dirt. Users benefit from the ultra-convenient and intuitive operating concept with forward and reverse drive, activated by simply pushing or pulling the push handle, and practical features such as the Kärcher Home Base for carrying additional cleaning tools. The robust machine with rotating side brush and double-walled frame is ideal for tough applications. Simple, tool-free changing of the main sweeper roller and filter, as well as the high area performance of up to 4725 m²/h (with optional, left side brushes), meet the high requirements of industrial environments.

Features and benefits
Vacuum sweeper KM 85/50 W Bp Pack 2SB: Forward and reverse traction drive via the push handle
Forward and reverse traction drive via the push handle
Intuitive, simple and user-friendly operation. Maximum manoeuvrability of the machine. Standard disc brake for safe deceleration at all times.
Vacuum sweeper KM 85/50 W Bp Pack 2SB: Floating main sweeper roller
Floating main sweeper roller
Excellent dirt pick-up also in the case of bumps/unevenness. No wear adjustment required. Efficient and fast cleaning.
Vacuum sweeper KM 85/50 W Bp Pack 2SB: Robust and reliable for tough applications
Robust and reliable for tough applications
Sturdy, double-walled rotary frame. Swerving side brush prevents damage. Large wheels for enhanced operating comfort.
Efficient filter system
  • Large flat pleated filter with total filter area of 2.3 m².
  • Washable polyester filter.
  • Superb cleaning thanks to dual scraper and horizontal installation position.
Tool-free change of main sweeper roller and filter
  • Simple and fast change in the event of wear and tear.
  • Fast control of the main sweeper roller if tapes and foil are wrapped up.
  • Filter access on the clean side, no contact with dust and dirt.
Compact design for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Excellent manoeuvrability of the machine.
  • Ideal in narrow, congested spaces.
  • Possible to drive through normal door openings (90 cm).
Integrated Home Base system and storage areas
  • Very practical connection for the carrying of additional cleaning utensils.
  • For the simple carrying of, e.g., litter picker, brush or cloths.
  • Storage area for smaller utensils.
Simple operating concept
  • Sweeper roller and side brush can be conveniently switched on and off.
  • Convenient forward and reverse movement with push handle.
  • Suction volume regulation for sweeping wet surfaces.
Large waste container
  • Absorbs large volumes of dirt, thus making possible long work activities.
  • Simple removal and safe emptying of waste.
  • Castors on waste container simplify handling when emptying.
Battery and battery charger included
  • Long-lasting, high-performance battery for long operating times.
  • Low-noise and emissions-free work.

Technical data

Drive type Electric
Drive DC motor
Drive– performance (V/W) 24 / 912
Max. Area Performance (m²/h) 3825
Working width (mm) 615
Working width with 1 side brush (mm) 850
Working width with two side brushes (mm) 1050
Waste Container (l) 50
Climbing ability (%) 15
Working speed (km/h) 4.5
Filter areas (m²) 2.3
Battery compartment size (mm) 362 / 348 / 290
Battery runtime (h) max. 2.5
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 234.9
Weight, ready to uset (kg) 227
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 245.5
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1550 x 1100 x 1066

Scope of supply

  • Flat pleated polyester filter


  • Filter cleaning manual
  • Forwards traction drive
  • Backwards traction drive
  • Main sweeper roller, floating
  • Mobile container
  • Coarse dirt flap
  • Overhead sweeping principle
  • Suction
  • Powerful traction drive
  • Outdoor use
  • Indoor use
  • State-of-charge indicator
  • Operating hour meter
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Side brush, can be raised and adjusted
Application areas
  • For cleaning production halls, warehouses and logistics halls, as well as loading areas
  • For cleaning car parks and service stations
  • For cleaning areas such as school yards and in the municipal environment
  • Also ideal for smaller workshops and in agriculture